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Excellent Health & Fitness Products for all the runners & gym enthusiasts

Make working out more effective with these fitness products!!

With all the smart home gyms, fitness apps, fitness trackers, and other
consumer health technologies available today, you can get lean and make
gains without even going to the gym.
There are so many smart health and fitness products to choose from, that
narrowing them down can be a tough decision, so we are here to help you
make informed purchasing decisions. We examine every product we review and
analyze its strengths, weaknesses, and value against the competition.
Here, we have listed 12 health and fitness products to make to help you with
your purchase:


Product specification:
– The Optimo Grips 1.6″ are suitable for small hands.
This grip will not slide on a bar between 1.1″ (28mm) and 1.25″ (32mm) in
– This will also work on dip bars.
– Optimo Grips will help you avoid the hidden hygiene nightmare lurking in your
gym, especially during COVID time, when equipment is rarely hygienically
– Deficiencies in workmanship and materials are guaranteed for one (1) year from
invoice date, and the shipping and handling costs are to be borne by the


  • Any condition caused by other than ordinary wear and tear – Any condition
    caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents or shipping damage –
    Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse

Trigger Point Rocker

The Doctor’s Guide to The Best Backs, Necks & Shoulders was developed after
hearing the screaming pain in 1000 backs, necks & shoulders.

Product specification:
It is recommended that you use the TPR for no more than 15 minutes at a time.
We have found the best time-benefit ratio is 10 minutes.


If you hate when your earbuds fall out while exercising, there’s now a better
Product specification:
– Due to their innovative design and versatility, Keepods can be used with just about
every earbud on the market.
– With Keepods there are two exact adjustments to fit all ear structures to maximum
– Keepods are made from medical-grade silicone (100% hypoallergenic) to provide you
with a comfortable and durable product experience.

QuietOn 3

A Nordic Quietude can help you be a morning person.

Product specification:
– QuietOn 3 is small and soft, so it is extremely comfortable to wear while sleeping.
Active noise cancellation works very well against snoring and wall sounds, which
cannot be blocked by normal passive earplugs.
– Music playback is not supported by QuietOn 3. No Bluetooth, no radio, and no
radiation comes with a QuietOn 3.
– A 2-hour charge is the maximum time that charging can take.


Rotating 22” Touchscreen | World Class Instructors | All Access Membership |
Vibe-Synced Special Effects

Product specification:
– You’re covered for 3 years from the day the bike’s delivered.

iCARE! – World’s Smallest Cardiovascular Tester

The device reads 15 of your bio-signatures, in addition to Blood Pressure, ECG,
Oxygen Level, etc.

Product specification:
– You can leave it unused for three months. Charge it once a month if you use it
– Another person can use it by entering their own login information.
– The app works on all versions of Android and IOS above 6.0.
– It is advisable to enter accurate personal information of your height, age, gender,
and weight in order to get accurate results.

Zip & Tone

For abs & butts that look great, up to 770 contractions can be achieved in 10
minutes of training.

Product specification:
– Results start showing after about 6 weeks.
– The belt can be used by individuals between the ages of 18 and 65
– This belt is safe, designed by rehabilitation centers, now being used for home
– The best results can be achieved using it up to 3 times a week from 6-8 weeks.
– Zip&Tone is specifically designed to work on all abdominal muscles, hip and thigh
muscles, back and inner thighs.

Fat Iron

One of the world’s first FDA-cleared and clinically tested home-use devices that

Product specification:
– It is normal for the device to become warm. It is one of the effects of bipolar
radio frequency (RF). The bipolar radiofrequency sends heat into the muscles, so it is
normal to feel some warmth on your skin.
– Ensure that the device is used properly and follow the instructions in its manual and
you will have a safe, painless and efficient procedure.

– With Fat Iron, you can target specific areas and reduce fat to even out your skin. The
reduction of fat is not significant enough to have an impact on your overall weight
but it will certainly change the appearance of your skin and shape.
– The primer gel’s purpose is to deliver more energy to the skin, so that you can get
better results.
– You can also use the Fat Iron as long as you make sure that it has been properly
charged and turned on.
– With a few short minutes on the targetted area each day, Fat Iron has been proven
to reduce even the strongest stretch marks.

NeoRhythm (Breakthrough in brain science).

The next-generation gesture-controlled headband will improve your sleep, calm
you and booster your energy.

Product specification:

– Since the brain itself uses electricity to send and receive signals to and from other
parts of the body, the process is not unnatural. NeoRhythm is non-invasive and safe
to use.
– During stimulation, there should be no feeling of pain. Many people experience a
sense of wellness and relaxation during stimulation.
– If you experience any unpleasant side effects from the medication, you should consult
your physician. Your medical condition may make it more likely for you to experience
– The NeoRhythm user manual contains detailed instructions on how to use the device
correctly, and you can download the NeoRhythm app through the Apple or Google
Play app stores for a free download.

C-Rest Pillow

For those who have back pain, neck pain, or discomfort, this neck support
provides ergonomic support and helps correct posture.

Product specification:
– The integral skin foam is made of Polyurathane. It mimics the feeling of getting a
neck massage when your head rests on the C-Rest Pillow. It provides gentle
stretching just like a professional.

– Initially, use the product for 10 minutes. Feel it for yourself. Gradually increase the
minutes you use it for. Take a nap when you get comfortable with it. When your
muscles relax.


This is the First Leveraged Calf Stretching Tool

Product specification:
This device is intended to be one angle, which allows your calf length to be the variable. The
closer you come to the wall, the deeper the stretch. The CalfPRO® was designed t
accommodate people of all heights, young and old.

The FlexBEAM

Infrared light devices in the world are helping you fight disease by healing your
body and reducing the need for pain medication.
Product specification:
– Generally, the FlexBox is suitable for most people who need it. However, consult your
healthcare practitioner if you are: pregnant, undergoing chemotherapy or radiation
therapy with active cancer, have any acute systemic infections, have thrombo-
embolism or bleeding.
– When using the FlexBeam, some users feel a gentle warm sensation on their skin. The
FlexBeam does not hurt and will not burn your skin.

Almost all of the latest fitness technologies offer beginner-friendly workouts,
virtual personal trainers, and guidance for beginners. This technology is a true
blessing for anyone who does not feel comfortable breathing heavily in a
confined space or wearing a mask to start working out.
So, go ahead and get yourself some of these. Happy workout!

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