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Hike’s blockchain gaming platform now includes NFT avatars!

The initial release of the NFTs, known as an airdrop, will take place on Android today, February 28th, and on iOS at a later date.

Hike, the once-popular internet messaging service that has now shifted its focus to blockchain gaming, has announced the launch of Rush Avatar NFTs, non-fungible token (NFT) virtual profile displays on its blockchain gaming platform, Rush Gaming Universe (RGU).

According to Hike, as part of the initial sale, the business would deliver ‘launch edition’ NFTs to the platform’s most active users, which will be rarer than other NFTs on the platform, therefore rewarding the platform’s most active players with more value tokens than others.

NFTs are digital works of art with a distinctive digital signature. The latter is what distinguishes an NFT. Meanwhile, an NFT ‘airdrop’ is a promotional activity in which the issuing party, in this case Hike’s RGU, sends any web3 asset for free, such as a crypto token or (in this case) NFTs, to preset wallet addresses.

“With the Rush Avatar NFT, gamers will now own their digital identity in the RGU,” Kavin Bharti Mittal, founder and CEO of Hike, remarked following the announcement. This launch places the Rush Gaming Universe onto the blockchain, allowing for the creation of a new game economy in which users are the owners.” He also stated that users who own Rush Avatar NFTs will have their presence on the platform enhanced with “superpowers, more personalisation,” and other features.

According to Hike, the RGU offers eight games with a total of 100 million gameplays per quarter and pays out $50 million in winnings to players each year. The company introduced what it claimed was India’s first cryptocurrency-based employee referral scheme in December 2021. Any user, inside or outside of Hike’s business, could refer a possible candidate for a job. The referral could receive up to 2 ETH after joining (Ether, the token for Ethereum).

The RGU is built on the Polygon blockchain, and Hike claims that the platform can handle more than 100 million “non crypto-native” users on the network.

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