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What If Humanity Was a Type VII Civilization?

Civilizations can be dissected by the level of energy they possess. How would Humanity function as different types of civilization is a mind enthralling topic.

According to Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, civilizations can be dissected by the level of energy they possess. In light of the increasingly wild speculations spawned by the marriage of mathematics and theoretical physics, he defined three levels of civilization based on their capacities to harness and use power. These levels, however, have since been extended by four. The newly developed Kardashev Scale now evaluates the power consumption of civilizations, as well as their technological advancement and extension. Before understanding the Type VII Civilization, understanding of the Kardashev Scale is important.

Type 0: An advanced civilization that has harnessed the power of its planet, but not fully. This is us, the humans. We are currently placed at about 0.7 on the Kardashev Scale. It is predicted that we can reach type I within about 100 years.

Type I: In the future, a civilization that can harness all the energy from its home planet will exist. This is where the human race is heading.

Type II: A civilization that has the ability to harness the entire energy output of a star.

Type III: The first civilization to inhabit and harness the energy of entire galaxies.

Type IV: An advanced civilization that can harness the entire universe’s energy.

Type V: Multiverse cultures, able to harness the energy of several universes.

Type VI: This type of being is outside of time and space, and can create universes and multiverses as easily as it destroys them. It is similar to a deity in concept.

Humanity as a TYPE VII civilization

Typ VII or K7 cultures would be able to travel, transcend, and eventually oversee or become the Omniverse, which is a collection of everything from universes to multiverses to paraverses to 11d dimensions to the 1st world. There is only one Omniverse.

Omniverse : The omniverse is a set of parallel universes or archverses that coexist. By definition, there is no way for an event in one universe to affect an event in another. The omniverse is not yet a scientific theory since it cannot be tested. Every universe in the omniverse will be colonized.

Energy : The type 7 civilization is humanity in a future where energy cannot be rationed and is infinite in availability.

Existence: As people, our existence will be in 11 dimensions and 1 reality along with the awareness of 2 realities. Humanity will be on the verge of entering another dimension and discovering the hyperverse which contains dimensions from 12 to infinity.

Megaverse: It will be possible to create and destroy megaverses at will. There are several different Multiverses in a Megaverse, which can have different properties and laws, such as the possibility of cosmic events, like Big Booms, as well as being connected together in different ways. Contact with all species in the megaverse will be done.

Humans as Gods: A type VII will now be a singular being. a collective conscience of all conscience. It would itself be the reason why we have a concept of a God. It will all be at one single data point.

Humanity will now have moved so far beyond its humble beginnings, and all in the name of progress. However, the path to the top of the Kardashev Scale would totally transform humanity, if humanity was a Type Seven civilization.

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