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Nine professional ways to promote your Blockchain project!

This article provides 9 of the most significant and influential blockchain marketing techniques. Most business owners are familiar with marketing, but there are Blockchain-specific approaches you can use to promote your project so it is successful.

1. Networking through associations

A growing number of blockchain associations are still active in 2019. There are national and international ones, as well as ones built around specialized interests.

Others require specific business partnerships or to reside in a specific geographical location. While some blockchain associations are forum-like, others are business-focused associations.

Consider these contacts as opportunities for promotion, even if you aren’t eligible for every group.

In terms of how to make contacts, there are no hard-and-fast rules. The best approach is to find whichever method allows you to connect with your contacts the fastest.

Connect with blockchain partners by filling in a web form, joining a forum, or making a phone call.

2. Focus on the basics.

Many businesses implement websites, social media channels, email newsletters, and blogs, but very few do them well. Rather than considering these strategies easy, think of them as fundamental: most businesses may implement them, but very few do them well.

Basic marketing strategies:

If you have a modest budget, consider using a website-building tool like Wix, Divi, or WordPress. Make sure your website is clear about what services you provide and make it easy for customers to contact you.

You should send your best blog posts to your email list, refrain from spamming, and its value will grow. A newsletter is another way to reach your audience. Unlike social media and forums, your email list is yours alone.

Blogs can provide your project with news and provide social media content. Many startups do not have the resources or time to invest in the kind of content marketing that drives web traffic for established companies. Moreover, blogs provide opportunities to interview and publish guest pieces from thought leaders in your field, which will build your company’s credibility.

Social media:
Among the social media channels popular among businesses, Twitter and LinkedIn are effective for publishing news, joining conversations, and forming connections. Facebook is also worth considering as a potential channel for building connections.

A number of newer channels tend to attract users who are interested in crypto assets. Steemit and WhaleShares both utilize blockchain technology and attract users who are interested in the wider business and social applications of it. Unlike traditional social networks, their usage model values bringing something to the table and facilitating communication and interaction.

3. Connect With Blockchain Experts

Typically, blockchain experts are very approachable – those who have solved some of the industry’s biggest problems are happy to engage with beginners online.

Pompliano’s Twitter account may be a good place to start if you’re interested in connecting.

It’s okay to speak about your project’s big ideas on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The more you can tell your story, the more likely blockchain visionaries will be excited, intrigued, and talk about you.

businessman working with new modern computer show social network structure

4. Attend relevant Conferences

Whether you are speaking at an industry conference or making connections, a conference is an important opportunity to meet colleagues, competitors, and potential customers.

Conferences organized around blockchain technology vary in focus, covering business, government, and nonprofit applications.

Blockchain Summit London 2019 will bring together industry leaders to discuss how businesses with real-world blockchain applications can troubleshoot their problems and improve their operations.

Attend industry conferences in your target industry as well, such as the Transport Logistic conference in Munich, June 2019. If you’re in the blockchain for logistics space, for example, you should attend the conference.

It is precisely what we do; in March 2019, we were in London for an IoT conference where we showed our new products and established contacts related to the industry we serve.

5. Collaborate With Industry Leaders

It is important for older tech titans like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple to see disruptive and profitable innovations. This means these companies are looking for innovators like you. Use this opportunity to get yourself discovered, and propose mutually beneficial partnerships.

Stellar is a blockchain project that connects payment providers, banks, and people to enable payments, and is both a serious rival and strategic partner to Ripple. It has over 48 strategic partners including major overseas players such as Wanxiang Group, as well as Stripe.

In return for IBM’s backing, prestige, contacts, and expertise, Stellar obtains access to an emerging market and a foothold in an established one.

Developing strategic partnerships with larger companies is essential for blockchain businesses.

6. Create Trust and Build Authority

Cryptocurrency has a reputation for being rife with crime and underhanded dealings. Blockchain is sometimes compared to the Wild West.

It makes sense that the establishment of a legitimate business should be a priority in light of these attitudes.

The first step in the process is to create trust: you need to clearly explain the allocation of funds, so readers and potential customers feel confident that the funds are being properly spent.

Keep in mind that your product is your best credential. You should share and showcase it if it is up and running.

If your product isn’t working or having problems, make sure to explain exactly why – along with token value, buyback plans, and everything else related to the progress of the project.

7. Explain Your Value Proposition

You should communicate your value proposition to your customers.

Many of these projects aim to be “blockchain” but provide little true innovation or value. Insiders refer to these projects as BINO – “Blockchain in Name Only.”

For instance, Mastercard’s blockchain system is barely used to process payments – the payment provider admits it is still using its legacy system for this purpose.

In order for your business to gain credibility, you should make sure that potential customers understand how blockchain technology is a vital aspect of your business. Explain why blockchain is so essential to what you do and your business will gain credibility.

8. Build Connections with Blockchain-Friendly Institutions

Blockchain-based enterprises are welcome in a variety of public and private institutions throughout the world. It is well worth getting in touch with these institutions.

High-tech park in Belarus is one of them, an initiative of the Belarusian government to grow homegrown software and drive the Belarusian economy.

As a result of the HTP, blockchain enterprises have been provided a protected, nurturing, and regulated environment to grow.

One more example: Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, which already boasts at least two blockchain start-ups aimed at serving Switzerland’s well-established financial sector.

9. Employ Blockchain Ambassadors

Ambassadors from the blockchain community share their knowledge and expertise with the broader blockchain and business community.

As a blockchain advocate, Laurie is an ideal choice due to his experience and general thinking.

If you belong to the blockchain community and have connections to blockchain institutions, you should be able to find ambassadors interested in blockchain.

You will gain credibility for your blockchain project if you employ blockchain ambassadors.


There are many challenges associated with marketing a blockchain project. You must handle misconceptions, the mixed perception of the blockchain space, and the lack of knowledge among your target audience.

However, blockchain projects also come with positive attributes: a supportive community, institutional support, and opportunities for marketing in an agile and informal way.

Participate in those opportunities, engage with the broader blockchain community, and see your blockchain project succeed.

Written by IOI

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