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Know how Digital Technology is transforming Fashion!

A digital fashion show and a showcase for nonfungible tokens will be held on May 27 and 28 at IMVU in collaboration with seven emerging fashion designers as part of the company’s goal of creating a social metaverse.

A social networking platform for young people, IMVU allows them to create, buy, and sell digital items. It’s a platform where young folks can dress up their avatars, a favorite activity for many.

The company announced that it would launch a $35 million financing round along with the addition of the IMVU and VCoin brands. Meanwhile, blockchain-based NFTs have come into prominence, with artists, musicians, and game developers alike selling unique and rare items.

Collina Strada, Mowalola, Mimi Wade, Freak City, Gypsy Sport, My Mum Made It, and BruceGlen will participate in an immersive virtual experience, extending the best of a real-life runway into something digital.

All the digital items will be available for purchase by IMVU players on Friday, May 28. The show will be broadcast live on IMVU’s YouTube channel and Instagram.

The NFTs can be worn on the avatar’s IMVU avatar as one-of-a-kind items that can be modeled in the IMVU metaverse. In addition, select items will be offered for auction through IMVU’s OpenSea marketplace.

IMVU will allow emerging designers to access the digital world in ways that have never been seen before in fashion design.

A special digital room will be built on the IMVU platform for designers to use to debut pre-collection and other digital items that cannot be created in the real world.

Also featured at the event will be fashion icon Princess Gollum, who will interact with fans and comment on the collection.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Lindsay Anne Aamodt as the company’s senior director of marketing, who said that IMVU is committed to illustrating that real-life fashion drives meaningful connection, creativity, and expression in virtual worlds too.

Taking the vision of these designers to millions of users around the world, she said that IMVU is proud to be a pioneer in digital fashion. She said that anyone can create unique fashions and market them on IMVU to make real money, because the creator tools it provides are free.

“Fashion has always been a pillar of the IMVU community. It is beyond art and digital dress-up because it’s a value of true self-expression that brings people together which is our core mission. This fashion show is the beginning of yet another industry finding growth and opportunity in the metaverse,. We knew we were onto something with the creativity of last year’s music festivals, but fashion has always been at the heart of all our efforts. To bring real world fashion to life in this digital space is not only relevant but game changing to the future of the fashion industry.”


IMVU has more than 40,000 destinations and a catalog of 50 million items, so the brand can offer unique access to high fashion fans. Collina Strada’s NFTs will be sold through the website hic et nunc as a commitment to sustainability.

Written by IOI

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