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Reasons to try out the new Zero Latency VR Technology!

In order to compete with a growing number of competitors, free-roam providers have begun getting creative with their platforms to attract an increasingly difficult-to-please audience. The VOID and its Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, and Ralph Breaks VR warehouse experiences are examples of companies focusing on partnering with famous brands.

The Zero Latency platform takes a more technical approach by offering highly accurate tracking for maximum immersion in-game through fine-tuned location-based experiences. Up until now, this was accomplished with custom OSVR headsets, computer bags, and a host of cables.

Why should we try out Zero Latency VR technology?

The company is incorporating new technology for Zero Latency VR gaming that promises not only to improve the overall quality of their experiences, but will also drastically reduce the price of their warehouse-scale packages, allowing more operators than ever the chance to make the switch.

The most noteworthy addition to Zero Latency Generation 2 will be HP’s new Windows Mixed Reality headset, which is based on SLAM technology (simultaneous localization and mapping). With inside-out tracking, the company no longer needs a complex system of cables and cameras for outside-in tracking, resulting in higher quality in-game graphics. With Zero Latency working directly with HP and Intel, the VR device was successfully converted from a room-scale to a warehouse-scale solution. The server room requirement is also removed, which further lowers the starting price.

Gen 2 warehouse packages will cost an average of $199,000 USD ($275,000), versus Gen 1’s $350,000 USD ($495,000). Option 1 provides an area ranging from 34ft x 60ft to 26ft x 52ft and every size in-between, while Option 2 offers an area ranging from 50ft x 50ft to 39ft x 39ft.

As part of a VRScout interview, Ruse discussed the company’s overall goals and the application of location-based VR in general. The Rube company reached out to us to make the product more cost-effective for operators, in order to bring what is a really exciting product out into the open.

They committed to integrating older games that ran on V.1 into V.2, a promise they made to previous players. It was recently announced that Sol Raiders, the company’s popular competitive multiplayer shooter, would be moving to the new set-up, providing an even more accurate esports-friendly free-roam experience. Naturally, the company’s acclaimed co-op adventures will also be part of the mix, ensuring players will be able to create a diverse mix of content. Those operators currently using the Gen 1 platform will also benefit from continued support.

According to Ruse and Vandonkellaar, the game is about combining the best of both worlds to create something completely new, while acknowledging that people are going to want to shoot zombies. What’s the point in not doing so?”

The company has 29 virtual reality venues on 18 countries that span five continents, and more than 71 locations are planned by 2020.


For some people, playing online games can be very frustrating. There are countless things that could go wrong and ruin your experience. This can be especially frustrating when you’re playing with a high ping, or when your connection lags. If you’re not able to enjoy your game, it might not be worth it. Luckily, there are ways to improve your ping. One of these ways is by using Zero Latency, which is an online gaming service that provides a fast and stable connection. You can enjoy your games without worrying about lag and frustrating connections.

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