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How digital fragrance companies are creating virtual fragrance products as NFTs!

LOOK LABS and an artist from Montréal (Sean Caruso) have created the world’s first digital fragrance embedded in a piece of art.

An artist from Montréal (Sean Caruso) has worked with LOOK LABS to create the world’s first digital fragrance embedded in a work of art.

LOOK LABS introduced their electronic labeled fragrance to the world not too long ago.

Using near-infrared spectroscopy to extract the fragrance of its Cyber Eau De Parfum, the brand created a digital art form where the fragrance can be extracted by using non-fungible token data, part of a type of cryptocurrency.

Providing a physically redeemable collector’s edition of Cyber Eau De Parfum, each NFT showcases the German studio’s contemporary perspective when it comes to today’s emerging trend of NFTs.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is backed by a digital artwork made with molecular wavelengths recorded from a perfume named Cyber Eau de Parfum.

“Look Labs has transformed the perfume scent into a digital artwork, making it the first digital fragrance in the world,” said the studio.

This month, Cyber Eau de Parfum becomes a physical product.

Look Labs developed 10 digital artworks to accompany the scent, which are linked to NFTs, which serve as blockchain-based certificates of authenticity.

In electronic scents, a physical scent is reflected digitally.

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) was used to extract wavelengths from the perfume, bottle, and label, a technique that measures the molecular vibrations of physical objects.

In order to demonstrate the molecular makeup of a perfume, NIRS produced data in the form of spectrum data.

In collaboration with Montréal-based digital artist Sean Caruso, Look Labs incorporated the data into a limited-edition digital artwork.

Jodan Katzarov, founder of Look Labs, told Dezeen that digital scent is an extracted reflection of physical smells.

Using artwork as a means of visualizing scientific data is the case in this particular case.

Katzarov says that in the future, we could possibly create a machine that can ‘decode’ the molecules and recreate the scent back or, we could use an artificial intelligence algorithm to recreate it.

In the digital artworks, a photorealistic rendering of the perfume bottle rotates on a platform, taking cues from the physical packaging of the perfume.

A colourful graph is displayed alongside a looping code type graphic in order to represent NIRS wavelength data.

Having seen the original packaging and bottle for the Cyber Eau de Parfum, I was inspired to create the NFT,” said Caruso.

NIRS data was to be represented as a colourful spectrogram contrasted to the Gigeresque styled platter in a photorealistic render of the bottle.”

A listing for 10 Ether, roughly $20,960, appears on NFT auction site Rarible for artwork incorporating the digital fragrance.

What’s in it for the customers?

Customers of the NFT artwork will receive a special edition of the physical fragrance, Cyber Eau de Parfum, which includes an electronic label printed on a printed label.

The idea of NFT-based perfumes with a scent that is presented to users as a digital fragrance presents a huge market opportunity, Katzarov states.

Consider a perfumer’s desire to represent the scent with a card similar to a Pokémon card.

He added that if every fragrance came with an NFT, this would reduce the number of fake fragrances.

“The NFT is considered a collectable item that will provide additional value to the fragrances.”


Founded in Berlin, Look Labs combines traditional craftsmanship with new technology to develop innovative products in the beauty and lifestyle industry.

A 3D model of a home created by artist Krista Kim as an NFT was sold recently for $500,000.

These virtual pieces of furniture can be used in open world metaverses like Decentraland, Minecraft, and Somnium Space, which have recently been sold as NFTs.

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