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Amazing ways you can use the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2!

The Classroom Pen 2 is the latest stylus from Microsoft for classroom use. The pen’s replacement tips, the tablet can also be customized by attaching different pen strokes.

The Classroom Pen 2 is the latest stylus from Microsoft for classroom use.

Classroom Pen, a new product from the company, was launched in 2019. A unit of that stylus cost $39.99. There was no compatibility problem with MPP-enabled devices (including many Windows devices not on the Surface).

This release is even more budget-friendly for Microsoft. Each Pen 2 pen costs $19.99, which works out to $399.80 per pack of 20 pens for schools. Although there is no mention of other Windows devices in Microsoft’s blog post, it appears that this pen may be optimized only for the company’s Surface Go and Surface Pro devices. In addition to highlighting that digital ink can save trees, trees and money in a classroom setting, Microsoft also suggests that students use digital ink during instruction. A switch to Surface devices by Wellington College resulted in a saving of 3.8 million sheets of paper, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft says the device has an improved design

In announcing the device, Microsoft describes it as having an “improved design,” though it doesn’t elaborate. According to the image, the Surface Type Cover comes with a pen clip that can be attached to the Pen 2. As well as the longer enclosure, the company claims the device is better gripped.

A two-button pen appears to be similar to its predecessor. The pen also has several classroom-specific features: replacement tips come with it, and there’s a hole in the pen’s design that a string can be threaded through to tether the pen to a Surface device.

Microsoft has long pushed Chromebooks as a threat in the education sector. (These devices had their best year ever in 2020 when more students around the world began attending class from home.)

Throughout the past few years, Microsoft has been releasing sub-$500 Windows PCs and updates to Microsoft Teams that are geared toward classroom instruction. Surface Pens could certainly save teachers some paper and ink by enabling them to take notes and draw graphs comfortably on their laptops. As for me, who just wants to have a little fun with a $20 stylus, I’d suggest making friends with some local teachers.

Classroom Pen 2 by Microsoft Features

The Classroom Pen 2 has been upgraded by Microsoft, according to SlashGear. In addition to a new grey hue and longer pen height, the pen also features a new pen slot that can be attached to the Surface’s protective case or used to secure the pen by tying a tether loop string through the hole to avoid loss.

Aside from the new barrel buttons on the side, students can also assign erasing or writing functions to the buttons. In addition to the pen’s replacement tips, the tablet can also be customized by attaching different pen strokes. The new design also has an easy grip feature that reduces the pressure on the fingers when writing excessively.

As part of its efforts to compete with other tech giants in education, Microsoft is offering a Classroom Pen 2.

As the first company to challenge this norm in offering affordable devices for students, Google’s Chromebook is a significant innovation. Nevertheless, Microsoft has stepped up to the plate, and its Classroom Pen 2 upgrade has greatly improved digital learning.

Educators have been forced to adapt to new ways of teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Zoom calls, Skype, and other media that promote video interactions). Microsoft, however, believes that digital inking can be used as an alternative teaching method which can enhance the learning process.

In order to facilitate their daily school activities and lessons, the company has redesigned it’s Classroom Pen. As a result of digital inking, the company hopes to increase student productivity and creativity in a new age of remote learning and hybrid classes.

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