10 Universe Theories That Will Keep You Up at Night !

Scientists in both cosmology and physics have come up with these theories about the universe. It seems they’ve got a pretty good grasp on what they’re discussing.

We still don’t know a lot about the universe we live in. It is not impossible to describe the intergalactic neighborhood of our planet with even that limited knowledge about space and time. There are some, that aren’t pleasant, though. Several of them are genuinely frightening, and others help illustrate how alone we are out there in the universe.

What’s the point of being scared about theories? What’s the point of being frightened by them? Scientists in both cosmology and physics have come up with these theories about the universe. It seems they’ve got a pretty good grasp on what they’re discussing… There’s a lot going on there, and it’s not pretty. Prepare yourself to stare into the void.

1. Aliens will first see Hitler in human history

The world was enriched by the intelligence and imagination of Carl Sagan, a man of vision. He proposed that aliens would see Hitler as the first thing they would see of us in his book, Contact. According to the research, Hitler’s 1936 Olympic speech is the first signal strong enough to pass through Earth’s atmosphere, so there’s a good chance that aliens would pick up that message. It would be nice if they didn’t judge us too harshly…

2. Black Holes: What Happens When You Fall In?

Weird things like black holes exist in the universe. Distance and time melt away as you move towards the center. People theorize, you would be shredded into the smallest possible pieces or hang in nothingness for eternity. If you do it, you will not have as much success as Matthew Mcconaughey did in Interstellar.

3. Global Warming Will Make Earth Into Venus

They have very similar sizes, masses, and composition, which has led to the term “twin separated at birth.” Life can only be sustained on one and a galactic wasteland on the other. Venus’ atmosphere consists mostly of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that has heated the surface of the planet up to 870 degrees Fahrenheit. The increase in carbon dioxide levels on Earth is also a serious concern, as you’re sure to know.

Having sunscreen on hand might be a good idea.

4. A limited amount of time remains

Scientists disagree on whether the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, and others say distant celestial bodies only appear distant because they take a while to reach us (remember the distance of their light). Thus, their pace was faster in the past than it is today… Time is moving slower, which means it is getting slower.

Slowing down by how much? Although we don’t know, we believe that if that is true, it will slow down and come to a halt.

5. Computer simulations make the universe possible

Nick Bostrum, an Oxford philosopher, believes that the Matrix may be real. According to him, spaceships or other advanced civilizations with enough computer power could run simulations elaborate enough to create artificial minds and physics. As of right now, you may be nothing more than a complex set of 1s and 0s.

6. There was nothing before the Big Bang

That’s right. Nothing at all. If this were true, Stephen Hawking argues that the universe would not be created or destroyed. It would simply exist. That is creepy. How long did the universe exist before the Big Bang occurred? You thought waiting for the next season of your favorite show was hard.

7. According to recent research, white holes exist

There are black holes and their opposites, and everyone knows about them. While white holes cannot be entered, they are always evaporating matter and light. How did all this stuff get here? That’s what’s truly creepy. Does it look like an exit from a black hole?

8. There is no civilization bigger than the universe; there is no chance of encountering one

The universe is filled with many planets. The number is so high that alien life absolutely must exist one way or another. That is true, but… What the hell happened to them? A Fermi Paradox theorizes that either the odds of life existing are higher than we thought, or that there could have been more life than we thought. No matter what, we’d be very alone.

9. We’re about to witness the end of the universe

An alternative theory for how the universe could end would be to expand so much that it would eventually tear itself apart rather than collapse in on itself. Galaxy clusters, solar systems, everything will be analyzed down to the atom level. You’re in luck if that happens, though it won’t be immediately.

10. Universe will collapse in on itself

A paper published in Physical Review Letters claims that the existence of dark energy within the universe may mean that the universe is in danger of collapsing soon. We may not have realized how large the universe is expanding… The bigger it gets, the more likely it is to come crashing down. That’s too bad.

Did all of this come as a shocker? Maybe, maybe not!

Astronomers have known for centuries that the universe is vast and infinite. The mysteries that continue to unravel are more than enough to keep us on our toes. Many of these secrets are still unknown and unanswered, but this doesn’t stop scientists from thinking up some interesting theories about the universe. If you’re someone who’s constantly looking for something to do in their spare time, go through and think about these 10 theories on the universe that are mentioned above.

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