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Know how Blake Jamieson made $46,000 from NFT sales in six weeks

Using high-resolution images of his previous works, Jamieson has crafted art to be sold on NFT marketplaces.

In a little over six weeks, Brooklyn-based artist Blake Jamieson has made over $46,000 from selling NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Jamieson started selling his NFTs on digital art marketplaces like SuperRare and OpenSea in February.

Since the NFT trend started, there have been several record sales of digital art at auction. Christie’s became the first company to sell a digital art collection. The auction started in February with a $100 bid for a digital art work and ended at over $63 million on February 18.

NFTs bring Blake Jamieson $46k

The National Football League (NFL) running back CJ Anderson is among the clients who have commissioned Jamieson’s vibrant paintings. He learned about nylon fiber technology from friend Micah Johnson, who is also a NFT artist and a former Major League Baseball player.

It was reported that Jamieson’s NFTs have sold for $34,765, his highest sale price being $4,772, and his highest average sale price $2,483. In addition, one of Jamieson’s Lebron James paintings was purchased for $6,500 on OpenSea.

According to CNBC, Jamieson usually sells his physical artwork for about $10,000 to $15,000. Each year, he earns about $1000,000 to $150,000.

Nevertheless, Jamieson earned approximately $800-million in 2020 from his partnership with Topps Collectibles. Topps collaborated with Jamieson on 20 different iconic baseball cards.

Even though Jamieson makes less money through NFTs than he does through physical arts, he said the additional income “makes a huge contribution” to the business today.

Jamieson said in a statement:

“I firmly believe that I will be a millionaire in like eight weeks, just because I see the potential of the NFT stuff. I have a really big rolodex of pro-athlete clients and they’re like beating down my door to do this stuff.”

In addition to sports portraits, Jamieson creates abstract paintings. He uses high-resolution images of his work to create his own art that he then uploads to NFT marketplaces.

One example of this is the picture of a painting he has done in the past, a “trippy, funky” acrylic pour painting. He photographed each section and listed it as a series on the digital art platform, SuperRare.

This makes me feel more excited,” said he. “I was like, could someone pay me over $150 for the jpg of a painting I did two years ago and I never even thought about?”

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