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Step By Step on how to create your digital store on Mintable!

Mintable makes it easy to create non-fungible tokens on your phone.

FT is in a boom and is booming. It is more popular than ever before and that is not going to change anytime soon. NFT is a marketing trend that will continue to flourish and give rise to the next big thing. NFT can be used for anything, but you can also use it for marketing your business. NFT has a lot of potential and it will become even more popular as time goes on.

Elrond, a blockchain-based social media platform, announced the launch of their latest addition to their ecosystem of apps – Mintable. The service allows anyone with an Internet connection to create and sell NFTs without having to be a blockchain developer. Elrond is teaming up with Terra Virtua to bring the product to life.

Create Your Own NFT on Mintable

You can easily create your own NFTs with platforms like Mintable, which allows you to make your own coins.

The following steps will help make it easy for you to mint your very first NFT.

First, you need to access and click on the “Start Selling” *button to create and mint your own NFT.

When you’re ready, you will need to decide whether you would like to add a new item to your wallet or create an existing one in Mintable.

Click on “Create a new item.”

Afterward, you will be asked if you would like the token completely free (gasless) or more traditionally (more advanced). Since we want to keep it as easy and cheap as possible, toggle the switch to “Easy” and click “Create a new item.”

If you haven’t already registered an account with Mintable, now is the time to do so. Signing into your account is required before you can create your own NFT.

Once your account has been verified (by email confirmation), you can create your first NFT.

In order to create and list a NFT on Mintable, you need a listing title, a listing subtitle, and a description of the content you want to turn into an NFT.

When it comes to the types of content you can mint into an NFT, Mintable lets you choose from:

  • an image;
  • a GIF;
  • a video;
  • an audio file;
  • a document;
  • and more.

If you wish to turn a file into an NFT, you must upload the file, select a price, and then decide whether the rights to the content should belong to you.

Then click the “List This Item” button and sign the transaction using your Ethereum wallet.

In addition to your newly minted NFT on the Mintable market place and in your connected Ethereum wallet, you can also view it on the Ethereum blockchain.

At this point, you can also browse the marketplace to find something that catches your eye or get ideas for your next NFT.

Those who have an artistic bent may want to start their own NFT art collection and sell it in a personalized store on Mintable.

Additionally, crypto-themed artworks and collectibles will be found in the Mintable marketplace, which features a range of categories, including art, collectibles, domains, games, music, templates, and videos.

On the Mintable marketplace, you can find everything from Bitcoin-inspired animations and tokenized Dogecoin memes to unique music tracks and .eth domains.

It’s important to securely store your crypto collectible collection after you create and/or acquire it.

Check out how to Mint an NFT using Mintable

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