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According to a new study, Earth’s inner core is home to a ‘new hidden world.’

According to experts, Earth’s solid inner core might be home to a “secret new world.”

According to experts, Earth’s solid inner core might be home to a “secret new world.” The Earth’s inner core is a solid compacted ball of iron alloy that is encircled by the Earth’s outer core, according to scientific agreement. A new research might alter our knowledge of the Earth’s inner workings.

The new discovery, which was published on September, this year, reveals that Earth’s inner core isn’t as solid as previously assumed, and that it has semi-soft qualities where liquid metal is held.

The study of the Earth’s core is difficult.

The fact that the Earth’s core is still inaccessible is a big concern for researchers. In reality, for mankind to have direct access to the Earth’s core, the globe must be ripped open by some form of cataclysm.

It’s not optimal for people to journey inside or even send remote probes to the centre of the Earth because of the extreme heat and pressure.

The majority of what we know about the Earth’s core comes from measurements obtained in the crust (the surface). Scientists’ only window into the Earth’s core is vibrations from seismic waves induced by earthquakes or tectonic plate movement.

Why is it possible that Earth’s inner core is semisolid?

Rhett Butler of the Hawai’i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology found the new liquid features of Earth’s deep core. Butler discovered that instead of travelling in a straight line (like a solid metal ball would), seismic waves were deflected in specific regions while trying to understand how they move through different strata of the Earth.

Butler deduced from this that the Earth’s core isn’t as solid as previously thought and that there are certain regions where liquids may be discovered. The researchers discovered that the Earth’s core includes pockets of “mushy” liquid and semi-solid iron near the surface by comparing their measurements.

Jessica Irving, a seismologist from the University of Bristol, told Live Science that this implies we’re now “discovering a whole new hidden universe.” Irving was not involved in the research.

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