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Scientists create physics-defying ‘Time Crystals’ with Google’s quantum computer!

A quantum computer was used to create time crystal, as it can be used both as a particle and a wave.

Has Google’s quantum computer ever been used to create a “time crystal”? That seems to be the case. Crystals of time exist perpetually in between two states of matter, i.e., they never lose energy.

Time crystals: what makes them so mysterious?

Time crystals defy an important tenet of physics like something from a Rick and Morty episode. Physics’ second law of thermodynamics states that for a matter to become more structured it must put more energy into it. This implies that chaos and disorder (“entropy”) must always increase.

The most astonishing thing about these time crystals is that even though they are constantly in motion, they remain stable. Google’s research was published on a preprint database, arXiv, on July 28 in collaboration with the University.

Scientists created a time crystal inside the Google Sycamore quantum processor using qubits (which is essentially the smallest unit of quantum information).

New matter phases have emerged from the time crystal, eluded physicists. Nine years ago it was posted that there could be a time crystal.

What method was used to create a time crystal?

Unlike other objects, these time crystals do not appear to be affected by entropy, since they alternate between two states. Time crystals are only possible with quantum mechanics.

A quantum mechanical object can act as both a particle and a wave at the same time. It becomes more likely that you will find a particle in a region with a greater number of waves. The qubit’s randomness, however, causes a particle to become localized and remain in one place.

This localization resulted in the emergence of what we just called time crystals – phases of matter that remain stable over time. It is possible to learn more about time crystals and the secrets of physics through analysis of the Google quantum computer.

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