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10 affordable solar energy devices that you can use at your homes today!

Green energy is the answer and more and more people are taking a stand to help with that change.

“Renewable energy” is a term that has been thrown around for a while now, but it is really a trend that is growing every day. People want to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. Companies are also joining the trend. It is important to make sure that you are following the latest developments of renewable energy and how to make it a part of your company.

The global demand for renewable energy is growing and we are in a position to make a real difference in changing the way people consume energy. Renewable energy is one of the most reliable sources of power that will never run out, and with a variety of solar energy devices available, it’s easy to get the quality of power you need.

Many companies are marketing these devices to consumers, but it is important to understand what you’re getting into before you invest your money in these devices. This blog will give you an insight into the best solar energy devices available at affordable price.

1. YELOMIN Portable Solar Power Bank

A 20000mAh rechargeable cell will keep your smartphone charged all day using the YELOMIN Portable Solar Power Bank. The power bank can charge a smartphone two to three times. There are two USB input sockets so you can charge two phones simultaneously.

A solar panel on the power bank will automatically charge the battery if it’s near a window. LED lights inform you whether the solar panel is working and the battery status. As an added bonus, the power bank also includes a flashlight with three modes.

2. Soliom S60 Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Use the Solar Outdoor Security Camera Soliom S60 to help protect the home. The camera is fully wireless, resistant to temperature changes, and waterproof.

Thanks to the companion app, you’ll receive a notification if motion is detected. The camera will also record video, storing it on a memory card and in the cloud. At night, built-in IR LED lights will enable the camera to see what’s going on outside.

3. LECLSTAR Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

Whether or not you’re interested in a surveillance camera, the LECLSTAR Solar Motion Sensor Outdoor Light can still help protect your home. The light is easily mounted with the attached sticky pad or screws. There’s no need to worry about wires since it recharges during the day.

A waterproof light with 268 bright LEDs provides up to 1,800 lumens of light. A motion sensor detects movement for up to 26 feet and a 120-degree field and will automatically turn on the light for 30 seconds. The light shuts off automatically when no motion is detected.

4. ACCOPOWER 150Wh Portable Solar Generator With 50W Solar Panel Combo

Adding a solar generator to the house can make a big difference. The ACOPOWER 150Wh Portable Solar Generator with 50W Solar Panel Combo is an ideal way to harness solar power.

While the generator can’t power large home electronics, it can power smaller appliances such as a fan or lamp. It has two USB output plugs, two AC outlets, and three DC ports that can be connected to a variety of devices.

The included solar panel fully charges the generator and its 40,800mAh battery in six to eight hours; the panel folds up in storage when not being used, and the generator can be charged either by a car or a standard wall socket.

5. Logitech K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard

If your computer consumes a lot of energy, why use even more to power your accessories? Logitech’s K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard charges by solar energy or artificial light. It will stay charged up to three months in total darkness.

As thin as 34-inches, it will look right at home on any desktop. You can plug in a USB receiver into any free USB port and use the keyboard with Windows 10 all the way down to Windows XP.

6. Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight

When you need a flashlight, it never seems to come with the batteries. But now with the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight, you won’t have to worry about using batteries. The flashlight’s solar panel provides power, while the hand crank and USB cord provide backup power.

On the 250-lumen flashlight, you can choose from three modes: flashlight, floodlight, or red emergency light. The flashlight will run for up to 48 hours on a full charge, and you can charge a smartphone using the built-in USB plug.

7. Eton Rugged Rukus Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

While the Eton Rugged Rukus Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker won’t provide the same sound quality as a full-fledged speaker system, it is highly portable and will play music for eight hours on a full charge.

The solar panel fully charges the speaker in under five hours of direct sunlight. You can also charge your smartphone through the USB port, and the speaker is water-resistant, so you can listen at poolside parties and social events.

8. Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Solar Bike Lock

With the Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Solar Bike Lock, you will have peace of mind knowing your bike is protected and secure. The lock is made with 17mm forged steel, and has a dual locking mechanism to deter thieves.

As soon as someone attempts to tamper with the bike lock, you will receive an alert via Bluetooth on your smartphone. To unlock it, simply place your phone near it, and it will unlock automatically. In case your smartphone is not nearby, you can enter a code as a backup.

The locks are powered by a solar panel built into the lock that continuously charges it during normal use ; however, the lock can also be charged via micro-USB in an emergency.

9. Renogy 100 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Starter kit

It is named Renogy 100-watt monocrystalline solar starter kit. It is the easiest to install and portable solution on the list.

These courses are perfect for those who are curious about learning interesting concepts and applying them to real-world applications, such as boating, building sheds, and trailers.

These wonderful solar panel kits are available at a reasonable price. It mainly consists of a solar panel monitor and ground controller, which ensures the safety.

The charge controller can supply up to 400 watts of power and have a DC input voltage of 12V. PWM technology can also be included. If you keep an eye on the charge controller, you will be able to see LED indicators and flooded batteries.

In supply with the hardware components, a user manual is provided to aid in the installation process and to educate you about the limits of how much power you can apply when performing specific operations.

A Renogy solar starter kit performs exceptionally well and is specifically designed for customers who are new to solar technology. Do not damage the rear surface of the solar panel as it will not deliver power to the respective modules.

10. HQST 100W/12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Our next choice is an HQST monocrystalline solar panel. This is a well-known brand that sells solar panels worldwide, and it offers its customers high-quality services.

Solar panel starter kits like this one offer great value, as the price of the panels is very reasonable and offers excellent performance in low-light conditions.

Using monocrystalline material protected by tempered glass to provide stiffness, the solar panel’s performance is enhanced. An advanced encapsulating material makes the panel more durable.

Mounting holes on the back of the panel make it convenient to secure and it may even withstand high winds and snow loads.

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