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To promote gender equality, Ariel India has launched #ShareTheLoad NFTs!

The thought-provoking artworks, created in collaboration with five NFT artists, invite everyone to #SeeEqual.

Ariel India has announced its entry into the future NFT industry, furthering the #ShareTheLoad discourse.

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The brand just launched the fifth iteration of the #ShareTheLoad campaign, emphasising the fundamental theme that when we #SeeEqual, we share the load.

To further amplify the conversation around equality in the division of household chores and pave the way for more authentic, accurate and equal representation in pop-culture imagery, the brand has partnered with five female Non-Fungible Token (NFT) artists to develop digital artwork based on their interpretation of the core message of #SeeEqual.

As Ariel continues to encourage people to #SeeEqual, the brand feels that progressive imagery is critical in combating bigotry and misconceptions. It thinks that genuine representation can normalise, inspire, and initiate dialogue.

Ariel is breaking into the NFT sector with a unique approach, designing NFTs with the goal of campaigning for equal imagery and division of domestic tasks. Vanora Vaz, Yashika Kalra, Rachna Ravi, Amoolya Bhat, and Virti Jain have collaborated to produce digital artworks that might serve as positive reminders to encourage change and equality. (The artists’ handles are @vangodoodle, @orangeintentions, @yashikakalra, @rachnaravi, and @amoolyabhat.)

“This year with #SeeEqual, Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad movement is focused on addressing the unconscious bias that is preventing men from sharing the load equally with their partners. Inaccurate representation can prevent us from seeing equal and can further reinforce bias, whereas progressive and authentic imagery has the power to unwind years of conditioning. While we continue to do our bit to bring out more gender-neutral imagery in our advertising and packaging, the launch of these limited-edition NFT artworks is yet another attempt in the same direction. Our partnership with like-minded artists to launch this NFT collection can promote imagery that can help us #SeeEqual, both in the real and virtual worlds,” said Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India and Vice-President, Fabric Care, P&G India.

The NFTs will not be sold, but rather be given away as prizes to NFT enthusiasts. On the brand’s social media channels, a contest for the same will be launched soon.

Whether the winners keep or trade the digital collectibles, it’s possible that they’ll spark more discussions about equality in the home. The brand also wants to keep collaborating with artists to create art that encourages people to #SeeEqual.

With the #ShareTheLaod initiative, Ariel has been advocating for equality for the past seven years. When it originally debuted in 2015, Ariel posed an important question: ‘Is laundry just a woman’s job?’ The 2016 ‘Dads Share The Load’ movement aims to raise awareness about stereotypes that are passed down from generation to generation. In 2019, the brand’s ‘Sons ShareTheLoad’ campaign encouraged sons to #ShareTheLoad at home, posing the question: “Are we teaching our sons what we are teaching our daughters?” In the year 2020, ‘Share The Load for Equal Sleep’ was all about impact and action. It emphasised the negative impact of unfair chore distribution on their wives’ well-being and used it to persuade men to take action. This year, the conversation will continue by delving deeper into the issues that are impeding equality and highlighting the impact of unconscious biases.

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