12 Amazing Gadgets Every YouTuber Needs To Ace Their Work

If you are looking forward to becoming a successful Youtuber, these are the list of gadgets which will help you achieve your dream.

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YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. The platform has
millions of channels created daily. It is one of the best platforms for sharing
videos with the general public. It has a huge following, which makes it easy to
upload videos and have them get seen by people all over the world. You can
also do live streaming and get a lot of views if you know how to optimize your
Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily, as YouTube is a free video-
sharing platform. The search engine has hundreds of millions of daily users who
watch hours of video content every day. For someone to be successful on
YouTube, it’s important to not only create good content but also to be creative
with what you’re uploading.

Here are 12 gadgets that every YouTuber must have:


Being equipped with a high-quality camera, can allow you to produce some
stunning, high-quality videos which will make you stand out.
Nevertheless, choosing a decent camera within the acceptable budget may
prove to be difficult for you.
Our top three recommended cameras for YouTube are listed below, you can
check its price, technical details, and configurations from the official website
link. These cameras are priced differently and each one can be used in different
ways. You can choose the one that allows you to use it for your actual purpose.

Manfrotto 190XPro4 Tripod

Manfrotto’s highly successful 190 tripod series is now divided into the classic
190 and ‘190go!’ versions. The latter offers twist locks for the leg sections while
the current 190 series features Quick Power Lock levers that have been
redesigned. There are two options for legs—three-section or four-section
aluminum with either a 3-way or a ball design; carbon fiber is only available for
the 190Go! series.
Despite lacking swing-up legs, the Manfrotto MT190XPRO 4 ball head kit
(MK190XPro4-BHQ2) reaches a decent height of 175cm and then shrinks to a
standard-sized folded height of 57cm.
In the latest version, the 90-degree pivot facility is faster and simpler to use,
meaning you can switch to horizontal boom mode in a few seconds. The four-
way, multi-angle leg lock system, along with the improved locking levers are
also more convenient.
Despite the fact that the tripod is fully extended (and the four-section legs
make this even more compact), its legs remain very rigid. In addition, the XPro
ball head is one of the very best in its class, offering awesome control.

External Microphone

Your video needs to be accompanied with good audio quality. Even if you shoot
4K footage, your viewers will still lose interest if your sound is horrible. Built-in
laptops or camera microphones usually provide poor audio quality since they
are not able to record or eliminate ambient sound effectively.
It is important, however, to learn about the different types of mics before you
purchase one to ensure that you get the right one for your needs.

Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Plus ($149) is a fantastic USB microphone that
doesn’t need a pre-amp and which allows for self-monitoring through its
headphone jack with volume control.
Additionally, the AT2020USB Plus comes with mix control to allow you to mix
in prerecorded audio when capturing vocals. Its extended frequency range
makes it ideal for podcasting and home recording due to its extended
frequency response.


You can also use a PC instead of a laptop. Always remember that having a good
configuration computer with you is the best decision ever to edit your videos
before uploading them to your channel.
Many editing programs are available in the market to help you out with the
editing process, but these need a good set of hardware in order to work


Lighting equipment is essential if you’re mostly recording inside dimly lit areas.
Even in well-lit spaces, lighting equipment can alter the mood of your video and
regulate its brightness.
Ring Light
This type of lighting equipment is popular among vloggers, as it eliminates
shadows from all directions and can mask irregularities in the face. This is how
vloggers are able to easily lighten up their faces and conceal blemishes.
The Flashpoint 19 Kit is our recommendation for a ring light because this
fluorescent ring light uses 80W power, which doesn’t emit too much heat, so

you can place it nearby. Its 19-inch diameter is also light, so it’s ideal for close-

On- Camera Lighting

A camera-mounted light can be used to provide continuous lighting and can be
optimal for recording certain types of video such as weddings, documentary
channels, and YouTube videos that involve people in dark or dimly-lit locations.
A great option for indoor shooting is the iKan iLED-MA Micro Flood Light
($29.99). This small and lightweight light can fit right in your hand while
emitting a bright 5000K+ Daylight beam from 21 1.2W LEDs.

Microphone Muffler

In order to block background noise to the best of your ability, a microphone
muffler is essential in a YouTube video. If you are recording indoors it absorbs
breath noises. If you are recording outside, it prevents wind noise from ruining
your audio.
Professional photographers and filmmakers may also prefer a windjammer or a
foam windscreen for in-studio shooting. But for beginners, a foam windscreen
or windjammers works perfectly as an addition to the microphone.

Spare Batteries

The worst thing that can happen is your camera running out of battery when
there is some exciting stuff to shoot. Because of that, it is always a good idea to
stock up on a few spare batteries.
The best way to go about choosing a battery is to choose the same brand as
your camera but you can also look for cheaper alternatives. If you don’t want to
be bothered with extra batteries, you can also buy a camera that comes with a
rechargeable battery pack.

DJI Osmo Mobile 3

The Osmo Mobile’s motorized clamp accommodates even large smartphones
with ease, and its pivoting gimbal arm allows seamless switching between
landscape and portrait orientations.
This new DJI has a hinged gimbal arm that makes it easier to travel and hold,
and the performance is impressive. It can be comfortable, too, thanks to the
405g weight, which is 80g lighter than the original DJI Osmo Mobile 2.
Not only will the Osmo detect when you intend to pan and tilt the camera and
smooth out the motion effectively, but it also lets you choose different options
like Walk, Sport, and Active Track. It also tracks a subject for you automatically,
with customizable tracking sensitivity.

Most of these features are available via the free DJI Mimo app that connects
your phone via Bluetooth to the Mimo. This also enables you to zoom using the
physical zoom slider on the gimbal handle.
The new DJI OM4 model, which comes standard with a tripod base as well as a
magnetic mounting system, has just been announced.

Glide Gear POV 100 Video Camera DSLR POV Helmet

Recommended for camera weights of 3 lbs or less / Camera NOT included

  • fully adjustable aluminum camera mounting bracket
  • 9 Large Disc Counter Weights
  • recommended use with wide angle lenses set to infinity focus for best results
  • 2x sizes: S/M 54~60cm and L/XL 56~62cm Please leave note for size in checkout

Phillips 223V7QHAB/94 21.5 inch Monitor back

Smartimage presets for easy optimized image settings
Built-in speakers for audio without desktop clutter

Vivid, crisp images, from edge-to-edge

Less eye fatigue with flicker-free technology
Lowblue mode for easy on-the-eyes productivity

Video Editing Tool

Video editing helps you to cut through the clutter in your videos, rectify your
mistakes, and boost production value. It also lets you take your customers on a
journey to hear your story. Using the right video editor is therefore very

With InVideo’s easy-to-use YouTube video editor, you can make professionally
edited videos in just a few clicks. It has professional-quality YouTube video
templates that have been designed by expert designers and marketers just for
you. With InVideo, editing YouTube videos is as easy as pulling and dropping. It
takes only a few minutes no matter if you’re editing for the first time or for the
hundredth time.

InVideo is also a great YouTube intro maker and outro maker. You just need to
pick an intro or outro template and alter it for your channel. Add your brand’s
colors, changing the images, or adding different layers to make the video look
more appealing. You can promote a YouTube channel by adding a special Call-To-Action in the
end screens asking the viewers to subscribe to your channel.


Optimizing a YouTube video is not just limited to editing it. Make sure that the
video is correctly optimized for SEO, so that viewers can easily locate it online.
Craft a headline that stands out by using the right keywords, as well as learning
how to create the videos’ thumbnails.

As a creator, keep these things in mind: Focus on the quality of your content
rather than the number of videos you upload in a week. Make sure your videos
look good with good video editing software, and don’t forget to ask your
viewers to subscribe and watch your videos.
This article is meant to motivate you to create a YouTube channel. Learn how
to make YouTube videos, buy the right YouTube equipment, and start shooting!

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