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Earn from these Eight emerging online teaching platforms

We are entering the future of learning with artificial intelligence. Imagine you
have a virtual mentor that understands your needs perfectly and offers you
exactly what you need until you master whatever you want to learn. It’s totally
engaging, motivating, and personalized.
The development of intelligent systems that track a learner’s thoughts while
solving a problem – and diagnose their understanding of the topic – is still a
long ways off.
While we wait for this to occur, let’s make the most of what we already have.
Here are some of the top places to find academic content online.

We’ve got a list of online teaching platforms that you might have missed and might want to try!


More than 2 million students and 13,000 courses are offered on this massive
online teaching platform. Using it, instructors can design robust online classes
that will include video lectures, PowerPoint files, screencasts, documents,
audio files, text and mashup videos.
Udemy is completely free to use and for instructors to offer courses for free or
at a fee. If a fee is involved, Udemy will take a percentage. This is a very
professional platform with lots to offer.


VIPKID, based in Beijing, offers the best online teaching jobs if you are
interested in teaching English online. All lesson planning, grading, and
curriculum development are taken care of. You can work as much as you want

during a six-month contract. And payments are easy, with direct bank deposits
paid on the 10th and 15th of the month.
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree; some teaching or mentoring experience;
computer with camera and headset; US or Canadian citizens only.
Average salary: ~$14-18 USD per hour, with additional incentives available.


Lingoda is unique in that you don’t have to speak English fluently in order to
teach. They accept Spanish, German, French, and English native speakers. They
have small classes of adult students, and they give their educators 25% off
their next language course.
Requirements: Minimum of two years of teaching experience, ESL teaching
certificate, native speaker of the language you would like to teach, and ability
to legally work as a freelancer.
Salary: TBD; Hourly remuneration depends on your location, the language you
teach, as well as your qualifications.


An online learning platform, RCampus allows students and instructors to make
courses, assign students assignments, maintain grades, hold class discussions,
and post many types of educational content, such as videos, links, and images.
It’s also good for creating ePortfolios.

Academy of Mine

The Academy of Mine is not just an online learning platform or a business for
us. We love working with our customers and solving their problems while also
growing a successful business. Below are some of the reasons why you should
choose us to assist you start your online learning platform:

We treat every customer as an individual. Even though you start off with a
similar establishment/platform, we are always open to collaborations and
Keep our current clients satisfied Our All-in-One shop for Edupreneurs has
huge amounts of advertising and analytics tools to assist you with selling the
Despite our forms, frameworks, and plans, sometimes it comes down to being
human. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about what you may require to
succeed with us.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This is not primarily a classroom, but a website where instructors can sell or
share freely their teaching resources. Teachers can post videos, lesson plans,
study guides, clip art, and much more that can be freely shared or charged.


CourseCraft’s application assists individuals in creating online courses, which
will allow access to the content. Members of the site enroll in the courses,
which will be displayed by a front-end.


Coursera was established by two Stanford software engineers in 2007 to
provide learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere. It is the world’s largest
online education platform. 190 world-class colleges and industry instructors
partner with Coursera to offer courses, specializations, and degrees that
enable more than 43 million students to reach their career goals. 2,000
companies trust our venture platform Coursera for Business to improve
their capabilities.


Online teaching is increasingly becoming an income option for many people
around the world since it offers a number of advantages over traditional
teaching, such as flexibility in working hours, ability to reach more students,
easy communication tools and re-usable course materials.
Furthermore, some of the platforms mentioned above do seem to emphasize
the importance of social interaction and participation in online learning, and
they seem to apply that same philosophy of teaching and learning.
There may be a reason you never considered online teaching before, but once
you explore the world of online teaching and the opportunities it presents, you
will be amazed.

Written by IOI

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