Google Photos keeps track of over 125,000 photos taken by the Mars rover

Perseverance rover enjoys photography, collecting rocks and hiking off-road just like our friendly neighborhood Mars Curiosity rover!

An analysis of NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover’s photos captured on Mars has been available through Google. Mars rovers are the best landscape photographers around. NASA Persevere has taken more than 125,000 photos on Mars in the past six months, so here’s a fun little thought experiment: what if it used Google Photos to keep track of those pictures? Google’s Twitter account posted the above message.

The rover retweeted the same with a quote, asking users to vote their favourites. “When you’re in a new land, you can’t help but take lots of pictures. In my six months as a Martian resident, I’ve built up quite a collection. See all my photos here, and even upvote your favorites to become Image of the Week,” tweeted the rover.

In a time-lapse photo taken by NASA’s Mars Persistence rover on Monday, Deimos, one of Mars’ two moons, was captured. Over the Martian twilight, the moon was captured by the rover while it was searching for signs of ancient life and collecting rocks and regolith (broken rock and soil) for possible return to Earth. Both of Phobos’ moons, Deimos, orbit the red planet. Deimos is a bit larger than Phobos, which orbits the Martian surface at 6,000 kilometers (3,700 miles). This is the closest moon known to orbit its planet.

A video of the Martian sky was created by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover team using a series of pictures taken from the Mars rover. The video was uploaded to the rover’s official Twitter account. “Sky watching is fun no matter where you are. I took this short time lapse movie to watch for clouds, and caught something else: look closely and you’ll see Deimos, one of two moons of mars,” the team tweeted.

It has only recently started looking for ancient life on Mars and has collected soil samples while trying to locate remnants of an ancient lake thought to be contained on Mars.

Perseverance will make its fair share of buzz on social media just like NASA’s previous Mars Curiosity rover which just completed its 9th year on Mars on August 6, which will keep the world informed of all its discoveries and findings on the red planet.

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