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CryptoPunk NFT Gives $33M to Ukraine’s Campaign!

According to some estimates, the much-desired NFT could be worth $200,000.

On Tuesday, CryptoPunk #5364 was sent to Ukraine’s Ethereum wallet, putting a potentially lucrative and sought-after cap on a fundraising drive that has already raised over $33 million in cryptocurrency.

The Punk’s value is estimated to be around $200,000 by Tom Robinson of crypto tracking firm Elliptic, who noticed the contribution late Tuesday; DeepNFTvalue, a blog that utilises machine learning to estimate prices for uncommon NFTs, put it at $233,000 by DeepNFTvalue.

The punk sold for $31,300 in February 2021, which was the last time it was sold. According to their wallet address, the donor has a collection of numerous additional Punks.

It came on the heels of a successful week for Ukraine’s fast-growing crypto campaign, with more than $10 million raised in ETH, DOT, USDT, BTC, and other crypto tokens on Tuesday alone, the single-largest day since the country started accepting donations on February 26.

Michael Chobanian, the founder of a Ukrainian crypto exchange who is assisting the Ministry of Digital Transformation with donations, told a website earlier Tuesday that at least $14 million in donated crypto had already been spent on military gear and civilian goods such as food and gas.

He added at the time, “The majority of spending is actually done in crypto.” Kuna, his exchange, manages the wallets used by the Ukrainian government, he previously told a website.

When asked via Telegram what would happen to the Punk, Chobanian did not immediately react.

Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, leading the smaller European country to seek assistance in the form of weaponry and finance to help it combat its adversary.

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