Top 10 companies that are building AI supercomputers!

We have created this list to help you understand which major companies are leading the way in AI research and development.

Organisations can perceive, comprehend, process, and respond to inputs with artificial intelligence in place, allowing them to provide the required results. When it comes to AI, it’s worth mentioning how essential AI supercomputers have become. AI supercomputers are not only quicker, but they are also smarter and can handle a wider range of workloads. On that subject, these are the top ten AI supercomputer firms.

1. Meta platforms

Meta Platforms is a company that creates artificial intelligence for immersive technology and social media. It was created in 2004. The company recently announced the development of an AI supercomputer that can function in hundreds of languages, produce augmented reality capabilities, and pave the road for the metaverse.

2. HP

HP is always ahead of the curve when it comes to artificial intelligence. Hewlett-Packard has a portfolio of HPC Cluster solutions, servers, storage, data centre infrastructure, services, and support, with a portfolio boosting HPC Cluster solutions, servers, storage, data centre infrastructure, services, and support.

3. Fajitsu

Fujitsu, a Japanese firm, has been producing supercomputers for more than three decades. Supercomputing, they believe, has the ability to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. This firm is consistently ranked among the best supercomputers in the world.


The National University of Defence Technology (NUDT) is the proud owner of six supercomputers, the first of which, Yinhe-I, was inaugurated in 1983. The Tianhe-2 AI supercomputer at the university has a performance capability of 33.86 petaflops, which is equivalent to quadrillions of calculations per second — an impressive feat.

5. Dell

Dell has captured the hearts of millions of people over the years to become one of the most popular corporations producing AI supercomputers. The systems are unique in that they are available in a variety of form factors and may be built to satisfy density, flexibility, and performance requirements.

6. Hitachi

Hitachi has achieved worldwide notoriety for its ability to develop high-performance Artificial Intelligence supercomputers, as many people are aware. The supercomputers are designed in such a way that they have the capacity to maximise the architecture’s qualities.

7. IBM

Who can deny that IBM has consistently produced world-class supercomputers? What should not be overlooked is the fact that IBM Power solutions provide ultra-scale performance while also reducing floor-space, power, and cooling costs for their AI supercomputers.

8. Cray

Cray was created in 1987, and since then, the company has produced a succession of products tailored to supercomputers. This firm has assisted a wide range of scientific and engineering organisations in overcoming tough computer and analytics challenges. Cray does not require particular notice when it comes to AI supercomputers because the world is aware of its superiority.

9. Silicon Graphic International (SGI)

SGI was established in the early 1980s. This AI firm has recently attracted attention for offering ICE and UV systems to a number of customers all around the world.

10. PEZY

Another firm formed to develop and sell microprocessors, electric devices, systems, and software is PEZY. The company’s AI supercomputers are noteworthy for their versatility in a multitude of areas.

These AI companies are growing by the day

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important field of study, and it’s also no secret that computers are getting faster and faster every year. We have created this list to help you understand which major companies are leading the way in AI research and development.

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