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Doja Cat’s promising entry in the new NFT marketplace

Doja Cat is looking to debut her first non-fungible token collection, Juicy Drops, alongside the launch of her own NFT marketplace.

A partnership between Juicy Drops and Intellectable Holdings, a new organization focused on Next-Generation Technologies, was formed by music executive Shannon Schlappi, who has worked at event companies such as Etix and Eventbrite. It adds a second reward for those who obtain all pieces of a collection, which are NFTs, which are digital collectibles on the blockchain.

“I’m helping to launch my NFT company so that I can actually own and control my art,”

“I want to be able to make all decisions related to my creative vision and help other artists do the same. My ownership also allows me to direct how we can give back to causes that I truly believe in.”

Doja Cat.

In honor of her performance at the Grammys, where she was nominated for three awards, including best new artist, Doja Cat joins Juicy Drops with a series of NFTs made with BOOMTRONIC. Each color of the NFT is offered in two possible quantities and price points. The “Metallic Tier” will offer just 10 of the coveted “Platinum” NFTs, as well as 50 Gold NFTs and 100 Silver NFTs.

The drop will also feature a chance to win perks like a VIP experience at the upcoming 2022 tour from Doja Cat. Fans who collect the six variations will also receive a rare “Mystery” NFT that will not be available for purchase.

Doja Cat’s Juicy Drops will launch on OpenSea, an established NFT marketplace, on Friday, but is a destination platform on its own.

“Doja Cat is the first A-list female musician to drop artist-led NFTs on OpenSea, and we’re excited to welcome her to the platform,”

“We believe that blockchain technology and NFTs open up a wide range of new opportunities for the music industry, and we can’t wait to see how her audience reacts to the content and unlockables.”

OpenSea co-founder and CTO Alex Atallah.

In the future, these drops will be developed in conjunction with music artists, athletes and other creatives. Juicy Drops only accepts Ethereum, so fans must have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Ethereum in order to participate.

However, their claim about Doja Cat becoming the first artist and woman to launch a NFT marketplace is hard to verify.

“It is an honor and a privilege to partner with Doja Cat on Juicy Drops. Our shared vision for the future of music and collectibles using a fully transparent distribution model that allows artists to maximize the potential of their creative capital is truly something special,”


Schlappi added.

“We want to partner with and empower current and legacy artists alike to take back control of their business by activating around NFTs with collectibles, videos, music, experiences, and event ticketing. The opportunities that NFTs represent in the music space are truly limitless and we are thrilled to be a part of that future.”

Written by IOI

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