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You must have these ten best innovative travel gadgets

Today, it is rather easy to get gadget crazy. There are so many interesting and
straightforward gadgets available on the market that most of us probably have
one kind of gadget for almost every part of our lives. By using them, we can
simplify our day to day lives and accomplish boring tasks in minutes.
The travel industry is no exception in this regard; more and more gadgets are
being introduced to make travel a whole lot easier, more enjoyable and
manageable. From digital rotating suitcases, to solar powered chargers, there
is a gadget that will suit all your requirements.

The following list contains some of our favourite travel gadgets that will make your adventures easy and more efficient than ever before:

1. World’s Most Balanced All-Terrain Electric Board

All-Terrain Capability| Self-Leveling Suspension| Off-Road Tires| Automotive
Level Shock Absorption

With the ‘Behemoth’ electric skateboard from TeamGee, riders are ready to enjoy impressive balance and speed regardless of where they are. It is made of carbon fiber to keep weight as low as possible, and utilizes a self-leveling suspension system, along with shock absorption similar to that found on automobiles. As a result, the ride is remarkably smooth and doesn’t compromise on comfort even when traveling over uneven ground.

TeamGee’s ‘Behemoth’ electric skateboard has an IP54 waterproof rating and a brushless motor system that enables it to reach a top speed of 25mph. With the lithium battery, the board’s range extends to 22 miles, while the durable overall design of the board withstands regular wear and tear.

Product specification:
– Although it looks similar to the first generation model, the bridge
structure, connection accessories, load, materials, circuits, and remote
control system are flexible. After two years of test, the quality and life
span has reached a peak.
– Our one-year warranty covers the entire body. Machine parts have
different warranty periods depending on how they are used. We promise
you a superior 6 months warranty on motors, 3 months warranty on
batteries and other wearable parts so you can experience its
– With the Behemoth’s 18650 battery, your longboard will be able to
recharge faster than ordinary electric cart batteries with better
performance and longer use.

  1. SKINNERS 2.0
    The Ultraportable 4-in-1 high-quality sports shoes combine the comfort of socks
    and the protective properties of shoes.

A new version of Skinners. This minimalist footwear is lightweight, weatherproof, and durable with a 4-in-1 versatility. An insole with perforations and an outsole made with polymer and functional fibers complete these shoes. With a wide range of features to keep up with whatever adventure you’re engaged in.

Product Specification:

-ULTRA-PORTABLE, MULTI-PURPOSE MINIMALIST SHOES are a great alternative to all the skin shoes, barefoot shoes, running shoes, travel and driving footwear, finger & toe shoes, or even water shoes! Active footwear of the future is SKINNERS!
-ULTIMATE FREEDOM & COMFORT of this minimalistic pair of shoes offer you a soft touch to the ground unlike anything else. This shoe’s combination of Swedish polymers and anti-abrasive technology will protect your feet while keeping them comfortable. Cotton, polyester, and jersey outer material

3. EcoTrek
Water/stain/abrasion-resistant tech pants that do it all in comfort and style

They feature a modern, tailored fit made from 70 percent recycled ocean waste, and they are completely synthetic. EcoTreks are so versatile that you can replace jeans, slacks, and outdoor pants with just one pair without sacrificing style, functionality, or comfort. A lifetime warranty also ensures this pair of boots will stand up to your adventures, or they will be replaced or repaired at no cost to you if any damages occur.

Product specification:
– 75% Recycled Nylon, 20% Nylon, 5% Spandex
– These pants can be machine washed and tumbled dried. Wash the pants with
like colors in cold water and tumble dry on low heat.
– It is primarily designed for men, but we know several women who wear them.
We do not have a perfect conversion chart, but they can be returned for a full
refund if they do not fit!

4. SUNGZU SKA2500-The safest portable power station
LiFePO4 battery/2500Wh Capactiy/Solar Generator/Cycle life
6000+/AC2000W/Surge 4000W/Charge Tesla

Product specification:
– The connector is MC4 which is most widely used for solar panels.
– The battery pack is 12Sx4P (65.2Ahx38.4V) which is 3.2Vx12=38.4V is much
better than 12V, much higher efficiency in power transferring.
– Comes with a 2-year warranty, with the company bearing the freight within the
warranty period.

5. Bento Bag

Lightweight personal item bag with a pocket for all your stuff. Charges your
phone and goes under the seat of the car.

Product specification:

-As a suitcase, it opens down the middle of the bag
-Fits under the majority of US airline seats;
-A 15″ laptop can be stored inside the padded computer compartment
-This bag features a trolley sleeve that snaps over the handle of your roller bag
-Comes with a detachable carry strap
-It has a TSA-approved easy access charging port
-It includes a detachable shoulder strap, clear toiletry pouch, pot, and 2 shoe bags

UNION: A Shape Shifting, Hyper-Capable, Multi-Tool
Our advanced UNION™ design and breakthrough OMNILOCK™ wrench let you

6. True Places Folding Chair
With amazing comfort, thoughtful details, and lightweight design, these shoes
will make sure you stay comfortable no matter where you go

Product specification:
– The True Places Folding Chair utilizes our trademark-pending folding technology in
order to produce a super-comfortable seat that is always taut — while being able to
fold compactly for easy transportation.
– Cupholder fits inside carrying bag.
– The True Places Folding Chair is built to last using the highest quality materials and
manufacturing techniques. The warranty covers any issues related to defects in
materials and workmanship. We’re working closely with our manufacturing partner
to ensure that our warranty is as comprehensive as possible.


This bike lock features a 1500W motor and a swiftly-activated biometric lock.
Product specification:
– PATRIOT is now ready to mass produce. We would like to raise funds so that we can
promote this giant green beast that is both beefy and smart at an affordable price for
all riders interested in riding this beast.
-The battery will still work even if it runs out of power
– There is a one-year warranty on the bike frame and a 180-day warranty on the
batteries. The warranty period can vary for different parts.

8. V-Tex

Nanotech Knit Shoes are a mix of cozy slippers and waterproof boots.

Product Specification:
– The V-TEX brand belongs to Vision International LTD. We have factories in Taiwan
working together with worldwide design and sales teams located in Japan, Korea,
North America, and the EU.
– The new V-TEX shoes offered on Indiegogo have 12 features, making it a great choice
for every season. Check out our campaign video for more details on V-TEX Shoes.

9. The Tot-2Ten Bed

For adventurous kids, Bundle Beds provides the Tot-2-Ten, the next step up
from the travel cot.

Product specification:
These beds can be used from toddlers when they outgrow their travel cot till they are 10
years old. They are 165cm in length and have a 10 year guarantee on the mattress, so once
your child has outgrown it you can switch them onto our Classic Beds

10. Pocket-Size Washing Machine (01202) 558833 Picture: A backpack that doubles up as a portable washing machine could transform the lives of campers, travellers, and festival goers. The rucksack, dubbed the Scrubba, can easily wash T-shirts, socks, pants, and even jeans while a user is away from home. It is made from a waterproof material and contains a flexible washboard which cleverly cleans away the day. It was invented by Ash Newland when he was packing for a holiday in Africa and realised he only had room for a few changes of clothes. He recommends using it for five to six minutes to achieve a machine-quality wash but it can be used for just 30 seconds for light loads.

The Scrubba Wash Bag is perfect for travelers traveling from Europe, to Africa, to South Asia on a budget. The lightweight pocket-size wash bag comes with a flexible washboard, so you can do your laundry on the go no matter where you are. Additionally, it can save you time and money.

You’ll have your clothes fresh and clean in less than 3 minutes. You’ll only need 2-4 liters of water and just a bit of washing liquid. We think it’s probably safe to say that this is one of the best travel gadgets for campers, backpackers, and anyone traveling off the beaten path.

Product Specification:

-The world’s lightest washing machine with only 142g (*5oz).
-It’s small enough to carry with you anywhere
-Directions on the bag
-A transparent window to see how much water is in the machine
-Grip backing so you don’t slide while washing
-An air release valve.
-Features both a dry-bag and a sleeve.

54cm x 32cm (when laid flat) – 21.3″ x 12.6″  
16cm x 6cm x 6cm (when rolled for storage) –  6.3″ x 2.4″ x 2.4″ 

142g (~5oz.)


Have you found something you were seeking in our travel guide, or maybe you
learned something you didn’t even know you needed until now.
Hope this guide helps you pick up that cool gadget you’ve been eyeing for your
next journey.

Written by IOI

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