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You can now buy clothes in a virtual world thanks to a new H&M store!

H&M fans can now shop for clothes from the brand’s store in a virtual environment, elevating their shopping experience. Here’s how it works, as well as what it means for lovers of H&M and the metaverse.

Hennes & Mauritz, or H&M, is one of the most well-known apparel labels in the world, and it is now the first to have a metaverse presence. In the metaverse CEEK city, the Swedish fashion clothes company appears to have erected a new virtual store. It hopes to provide a shopping experience for its consumers by allowing them to explore CEEK’s virtual reality (VR) surroundings.

For those unfamiliar with CEEK, it is a virtual reality metaverse recognised for its virtual worlds that connect users with musicians, athletes, and other digital content creators. CEEK’s relationship with H&M will now add the aspect of shopping to the area, similar to how CEEK aims to provide a three-dimensional musical experience to its users.

Fans of H&M will be able to visit the brand’s new metaverse store. They can pick their favourite goods and even buy it in the CEEK City metaverse. Of course, they will be digital-only outfits for the gamers’ avatars and will have no real-life counterparts, at least for the time being.

That last element was included to signify that the corporation may seek to bring the capabilities to life in the future. Customers of H&M may be able to purchase apparel through the metaverse store and pick it up in real life from actual stores for usage in real life.

CEEK announced the launch of the new store in a fresh tweet. The post also includes a video of a massive H&M store with massive glass walls and passageways lined with mannequins. A large assortment of H&M apparel can be seen in the store. Surprisingly, it even advertises several discounts right at the store’s entrance, including a buy three, get one free deal and a savings of up to 20% off.

So, what’s the deal with the buying experience?

Customers will be able to browse this H&M store in CEEK city and purchase their favourite clothing with CEEK tokens. The VR-based coin is based on Etherum smart contracts and costs $0.7107 (about Rs 53) right now.

For the time being, H&M’s entry into CEEK city is a one-of-a-kind venture, but that won’t last long. As the metaverse becomes more famous, more celebrities and corporations are striving to align themselves with it. Nike tried something similar last month when it bought a virtual shoe business that creates NFTs and shoes.

As a result, expect more such events in the metaverse in the following months.

Written by IOI

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