AI powers HFCL’s Network offerings, and it partners with Aprecomm!

All of HFCL’s IO products will be integrated with AI-powered network analytics, enhancing both the network service provider and end-user experiences.

HFCL Limited (HFCL), a leading telecom equipment manufacturer and technology provider, has announced a partnership with Aprecomm, the leading AI-powered Wi-Fi analytics solution provider, to power its network products with AI-based analytics. The Company now wants to integrate these analytical capabilities for a wider variety of its goods and solutions after successfully deploying and testing the AI-based solution in its PM-WANI deployments. HFCL’s complete IO product portfolio will now include AI-powered network analytics, which will improve the experience for both network service providers and end users.

Through its cloud management platform cNMS, HFCL’s wireless solutions offer a consistent and optimal wireless network performance by monitoring client experience in real time and automatically calibrating the Wi-Fi network parameters. Aprecomm’s VWE AI engine is fully integrated in all HFCL IO Wi-Fi solutions, allowing for real-time network optimization.

The network operators and administrators get a well-equipped dashboard that includes event analysis, deployment aid, measure user index, measure user experience through correlation, insights, and other network parameter analytics.

The newly introduced functionality will allow HFCL to provide increased connection to millions of end users to all of its customers – carriers, enterprises, and service providers.
HFCL has already implemented this solution in all of its PM-WANI deployments, allowing it to monitor thousands of clients on a daily basis and resolve any issues with a single click. The Aprecomm Evolv engine, which delivers AI suggestions to fix deployment challenges that would otherwise necessitate human interaction, was used to assure improved Quality of Experience (QoE). HFCL intends to offer this AI solution to its existing customers for over 100K deployments and to make it available by default to all new customers.

Speaking about the collaboration Mr. Mahendra Nahata, Managing Director, HFCL said, “I am elated with the partnership with Aprecomm. Integration of Aprecomm’s AI-powered solutions to our platform enables HFCL to offer enhanced user experience with added reliability and security to our customers. This partnership will help us to build resilient networks for people worldwide in all kinds of deployments. We are looking forward to expand this integration to even our switching portfolio.”

Mr. Jitendra Chaudhary, Executive President, HFCL commented, “We are glad to empower all our existing and future customers with an added level of network experience, reliability and security with the AI based networking. We strongly believe this will bring a new revolution in quality of experience for end users.”

“In today’s society, having reliable Internet connectivity has become critical. Programs like PM-WANI help us get closer to our goal. With this Increased Connectivity, Network Intelligence and Self-Management will be critical. Aprecomm’s Co-Founder and CEO, Pramod Gummaraj, adding, “We are really thrilled to join with HFCL and provide this knowledge to their Wi-Fi portfolio and beyond.”

“Because Wi-Fi deployments are so fluid and change so frequently, controlling them has traditionally been the most difficult task in enterprise networks.” HFCL APs can now correlate and curate gigabytes of data on these networks using Aprecomm VWE, delivering real-time insights and recommendations, making the customers’ Wi-Fi network more fluid.” Aprecomm’s Co-Founder and CTO, Guharajan Sivakumar, says.

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