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Titan EyeX Smart Glasses with Open-Ear Speakers and Touch-Based Controls are now available in India!

In India, the Titan EyeX starts at Rs. 9,999.

Image credit: Titan Eye Plus

Titan Eye+ debuted its first smart glasses just a few weeks ago. Open-ear speakers, touch controls, and fitness monitoring technologies are all included in the Titan EyeX. Titan’s new smart glasses link through Bluetooth v5 and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. They also have a built-in tracker and are dust and water resistant to IP54 standards. On a single charge, the Titan EyeX may last up to 8 hours. An unspecified Qualcomm processor powers the smart eyewear. Voice-based navigation and voice notifications are also included with the open-ear speakers.

Titan EyeX price and availability in India

Titan EyeX, which was released on January 5, is priced at Rs. 9,999. However, merely the frame costs Rs. 9,999, and with prescription glasses, the price rises to Rs. 11,198. The smart glasses will begin shipping on January 10th, according to the website. Titan only sells the smart glasses in a single frame colour: black. They are available for purchase on the official website or at Titan Eye+ retail locations.

Specifications for Titan EyeX

Titan EyeX has Bluetooth v5 for connecting to Android and iOS devices, as previously indicated. A companion app for both OSes is also included with the glasses. Titan EyeX is powered by a Qualcomm CPU that isn’t mentioned. Titan’s smart glasses have open-ear speakers that support true wireless stereo (TWS). Titan EyeX is easy to use outdoors because the user may listen to music while remaining aware of their surroundings, according to the manufacturer. The glasses are powered by a Qualcomm CPU that isn’t disclosed.

Through its open-ear speakers, Titan EyeX also supports voice-based navigation and voice-based notifications. With dynamic volume management, which dynamically changes volume levels based on environmental noise, its Clear Audio Capture (CVC) technology helps it achieve clear voice quality.

They also offer fitness tracking functions, like a built-in pedometer that can calculate calories, steps, and distance. Titan EyeX may also alert users if their screen time has risen, allowing them to maintain a healthier lifestyle. They also include touch-based controls for play, skip, pause, and stop.

Titan EyeX comes with a built-in tracker to help you find your glasses. They feature an eight-hour battery life on a single charge. The smart glasses have a dimension of 124x140x40mm.

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