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Take a look at the 10 emerging Indian AI startups of 2022, here!

Artificial intelligence has been chosen by every organisation. The top ten AI start-ups are shown below.

Artificial intelligence, sometimes known as AI, has infiltrated practically every institution on the planet. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small startup, business leaders prefer AI technology to other traditional IT techniques because they believe artificial intelligence, or AI, will be the key to their company’s success. As artificial intelligence gains traction in the Indian home market, a slew of AI startups have sprung up. According to research, AI Start-ups in India raised US$836.3 million in 2020, while the Government of India increased its Digital India expenditure to US$477 million in the same year, to build artificial intelligence or AI models for India’s newly developing artificial intelligence start-ups. Several AI start-ups have emerged in India, but only a few have succeeded in breaking into the local market. Let’s have a look at the top 10 AI start-ups in India that are poised to lead in 2022.

1. Avaamo

In the year 2014, Avaamo Technologies Private Limited was established. Bangalore, Karnataka, is the company’s headquarters. This AI startup is a cloud-based solution that can automate communicative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the rest of your life. This AI start-up is one of those deep-learning software companies that aims to handle specific concerns during rising enterprise problems using speech recognition. It’s one of India’s AI start-ups that will undoubtedly dominate the Indian home market in the future.

2. was established in 2016. Using artificial intelligence, or AI, an AI start-up seeks to make health care more inexpensive and accessible. It is one of India’s artificial intelligence start-ups that employs machine learning to create systems that assist in the detection of sickness patterns from medical images. With every X-ray, CT scan, or MRI scanner, has successfully provided code. It is one of India’s top AI start-ups, with a promising future.

3. Wysa

Wysa is a mental health app powered by artificial intelligence that was founded in 2016. Individuals who desire to express themselves are the primary focus of this AI start-up. The majority of users use this software to help them sleep better or to manage their anxiety. Wysa’s income in 2021 was estimated to be around $4.56 million. It is undoubtedly one of India’s most promising AI start-ups.


The artificial intelligence start-up, is a tele conversational artificial intelligence service that assists organisations in automating customer interactions by deploying a multichannel chatbot in over 100 languages. is now collaborating with Microsoft to improve its speech automation service by utilising Natural Language Processing Tools and Azure AI speech services. It’s one of India’s top AI startups for 2022 and beyond.

5. Intello Labs

Using computer vision and machine learning technologies, Intello Labs created technologies that employ artificial intelligence to analyse and evaluate the grades of fruits and vegetables. Reliance Fresh, Dole, and Ocean Spray are among the noteworthy clients of this AI start-up. It is without a doubt one of India’s leading artificial intelligence start-ups.

6. CropIn

This AI startup is an important AI and data-driven agritech company that employs machine learning to provide SaaS solutions to agricultural farmers all over the world. This AI start-up assists farmers in resolving challenges such as climate issues, soil degradation, and financial issues, among others. CropIn generated around $27 million in revenue in 2021. This is one of India’s most promising AI start-ups, with the potential to dominate the Indian home market in the future.


This AI start-up is a chatbot that uses machine learning models to assist employees in working more efficiently. To increase workplace efficiency, it employs a rule-based AI-powered bot to mimic HR-related duties. It is one of India’s top AI startups, and it will dominate the Indian home market.

8. Myelin Foundry

Artificial intelligence techniques for video, sensor data, edge devices, and voice are developed by this AI start-up. With the use of machine learning approaches, its deep tech technology solutions can revolutionise sensory interactions and industrial solutions. In the year 2021, it made almost $1 million. It is one of India’s most promising AI startups for 2022 and beyond.

9., an artificial intelligence start-up, is a chatbot that acts as an intelligent personal assistant. It assists consumers using a chat-based natural user interface that, thanks to machine learning technologies, keeps people engaged. In 2021, generated around $25 million in sales. It is one of India’s leading AI start-ups, with plans to dominate the domestic Indian market by 2022.

10. SigTuple

Last but not least, SigTuple is an AI start-up in India that designs sophisticated medical diagnosis solutions using machine learning algorithms. This AI start-up is working on a precise AI system that analyses visual medical data. Blood smears, semen, fundus, OCT scans, chest x-rays, and urine microscopy are the five main areas in which it works. It is one of India’s top 20 AI start-ups.

Indian AI startups are here for good.

For those who are unaware, AI or Artificial Intelligence is a subfield of computer science that involves the creation of intelligent machines that can “think” like humans. The first use of this technology was in the late 1950s when a group of scientists called the Dartmouth Conference, gathered together to discuss one of the most pressing problems of the time- how to create computers that can think. They then came up with the following definition for artificial intelligence: “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

The Indian startup ecosystem has been one of the most active ecosystems in the world. Recently, the Indian government took several steps to boost its startup ecosystem. We have seen some of the most revolutionary innovations coming from India. Taking all these into consideration, we came up with this list of top 10 emerging Indian AI startups of 2022.

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