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Miami based Glozal is off to a headstart by being the world’s first NFT Music Player!

Musicians and artists can earn fair market compensation when they join GLOZAL.

Musicians and artists can earn fair market compensation when they join GLOZAL.

By providing artists with an alternative revenue stream, GLOZAL is providing fans with an outlet to purchase exclusive content directly from their favorite artists. GLOZAL is set to revolutionize NFT music access and listening through their proprietary NFT Music Player®.

Glozal’s NFT Music Marketplace ( affords artists an outlet where they can release original content that can be purchased for a small fee. Fans can listen to their music NFTs with the software’s encrypted NFT Music Player, which aggregates their music NFTs into one secure place.

NFTs are stored in “smart contracts”

As NFTs (“Non-Fungible Tokens”) rise in popularity, they are becoming increasingly common in the music industry. On a distributed ledger such as a blockchain, NFTs are tracked and issued as non-fungible tokens. In addition to being able to identify each individual token, they are also authenticated through a decentralized system, similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, they differ from cryptocurrencies in that each NFT is unique, indivisible, and “non-fungible.” NFTs are stored in “smart contracts” that can be executed automatically over a distributed ledger. For art, images, music, and other digital content, they establish “provable uniqueness” and ownership. A NFT is provably unique since each image is associated with a token stored on the distributed ledger and ownership is indisputable. The same content may be owned by others, but only one person can have the unique token that authenticates ownership.

By automating the distribution of revenue through smart contracts, every NFT drop on the GLOZAL NFT Music Player is protected by encryption, preventing unauthorized copies and preserving the exclusivity of each dropped NFT. The content purchased on GLOZAL NFT Music Player can only be played and listened to by its original owner, since all GLOZAL NFT Music releases are encrypted upon creation.

Furthermore, GLOZAL is giving fans and artists the opportunity to buy into the company by offering GLOZAL Security Tokens (GLZ), should GLOZAL go public. They can invest in the company as well as convert their tokens into shares.

World’s first NFT music player

Miami based Glozal is off to a headstart by being the world’s first NFT Music Player! Not content with the technological advances of the past, the company decided to go in a different direction. They decided to focus on helping musicians and their audiences. With this in mind, Glozal created a digital music player that lets you take the music you love and share it with the world. No more YouTube links and downloading your favorite songs on your computer or computer.

Glozal is the world’s first NFT music player, enabling users to enjoy their favorite songs, tracks, albums and artists on a mobile device or computer. The player uses state-of-the-art decentralized technology to provide a completely new way of consuming music. It was created to be a great app for all your digital devices such as iPhones, Android devices, and PCs.

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