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Introducing Guild of Guardians, the First AAA Blockchain Role Playing Game based around NFT!

Introducing the newest and most innovative mobile gaming experience on blockchain that the world has ever seen.


A mobile RPG designed to let gamers turn their passions into assets, Guild Of Guardians is a fantasy action RPG in which players will have the ability to build their own Guardians and compete for epic rewards in guilds.

Guild Of Guardians aims to please players of all different motivations and desires, as well as not only be enjoyable but rewarding as well. Guild Of Guardians ticks both of those boxes without sacrificing either.

The makers also believe that in-game purchases should be able to be traded for real money. These items should be valuable, rare, and digital, and form part of a larger economy.

They are developing a compelling mobile RPG where players can trade items as part of a real-world economy and we will also focus on multiplayer and guilds.

Immutable partnered with Stepico Games to develop Guild of Guardians, utilizing the blockchain gaming technology from Immutable along with Stepico’s experience in developing mobile games in order to create an industry-altering experience for players.

Built on Immutable X

Using Immutable X, the Guild of Guardians platform will utilize gas-free minting and trading. This will limit the number of fees Guild of Guardians must pay on Ethereum.

This gives you, the player, access to low gas fees, instant transactions, world-leading user experiences, and the ability to weave in attractive game mechanics like trading, crafting, and item drops which would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Pretty exciting, right? There’s more!

The game’s pre-sale is set to launch in the first half of 2021, when players will be able to purchase exclusive heroes (and other items) in the game. Their plan is to release the game on both iOS and Android by the middle of 2022 (subject to change!). The game has been under development for a while now and initial prototypes have already been completed. The makers are going to focus on creating an unforgettable AAA experience.

The developers are on a long-term journey to become an industry leader in AAA mobile games and to create a world where gamers can use a mobile RPG for more than just entertainment. The goal is to provide a feedback loop that rewards players and community members who contribute to the success of the game. This will not happen overnight, so your patience with the game as early adopters will be appreciated, and you will be offered plenty of opportunities to be involved along the way.

Written by IOI

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