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Introducing E3’s six most exciting PC games of 2021

There have been plenty of surprise announcements from PC Gaming Show as well as Bethesda’s and Xbox’s joint conference.

During the second day of E3 2021, Xbox and Bethesda held joint press conferences followed by Square Enix’s showcase, but many more games were announced at the PC Gaming Show. We’ve compiled a few highlights of the 90 minute video so you can bring up your Steam wishlist, even if you’re short on time.

1. Rawmen

The game is similar to Splatoon, only you shoot your opponents with food rather than guns, and you have between two and eight players to combat. Soup bomb your opponents, roll your way back home as a meatball by jumping into meat juice, or launch yourself in the air by launching doughnut bombs.

2. They Always Run

You play a mutant hunter with three arms in this 2D space Western action game. Each level of hack and slash action is visually stunning, the animation is gorgeous, and the music is hypnotic.

3. Far: Changing Tides

Far: Lone Sails was a minimal, lonely, yet deeply meditative experience. Based on a hunk of junk, you charted your journey in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As such, it is a welcome surprise to see a sequel, Far: Changing Tides. During the journey, you must salvage ship parts and keep the machine moving. This time, it looks even more beautiful, and the game takes place in a flooded world.

4. Next Space Rebels

Next Space Rebels, a space rocket building game with an engaging narrative, reminds us of an amateurized Kerbal Space Program, in which you are trying to build a rocket engine that is able to actually travel far into space. A story is also told through FMV cutscenes that ties this simulation to the Next Space Rebels, an imaginary hacker group calling on the global community to help build and launch rockets for “democratizing the universe.”

5. Soulstice

Even though it’s called Reply Game Studios, it’s a seamless Souls clone that takes inspiration from Japanese character-action games like Devil May Cry and anime from the early ’80s. Platinum Games’ Astral Chain is likely to be another influence, since you can control two characters at the same time, Briar and Lute; one of them possessing superhuman strength, the other possessed by a mystical force.

6. Lemnis Gate

As you make your way through each role, you’ll control your team members one by one for a round that lasts only 25 seconds. Although it was announced last year, Lemnis Gate’s release is just days away. The latest trailer confirms it will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on August. There was also an open beta in July, so players could get a better idea of just how the gameplay is supposed to work.

Excited much?

Welcome to E3 2019, the yearly gaming conference where some of the biggest publishers, developers, and hardware manufacturers release their most anticipated games. We’ve already seen a few games that might be coming to the PC, like The Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. But there are plenty more games to be excited about. These are the six games that are most likely to have a huge impact on the PC gaming industry in 2021.

Written by IOI

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