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How artificial intelligence is changing the way people date and form relationships!

Finding a life partner is more difficult than it appears, but AI-powered dating apps are making it possible with only a few clicks.

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Millennials want everything, even love, to be at their fingertips. Their expectations of an ideal spouse, as well as societal and cultural norms, are rapidly changing. They are eager to make their own decisions based on their feelings for a person and are not in a hurry to settle down or compromise until they are satisfied with their choice of partner. “Around 67% (of people) would rather find a meaningful connection through the serendipity of a dating app than having friends and family set up a date,” says Sitara Menon, senior marketing manager of dating service OkCupid.

Matching Apps

With the rise of the Internet, new avenues for finding love have opened up. Traditional dating culture among teenagers and those in their early twenties has given way to a variety of new and flexible ways of meeting people, with technology and social media playing a key role. “I utilised numerous matchmaking programmes and had a horrible experience going through the whole process,” says Pawan Gupta, CEO of It made me realise that typical Indian matrimonial services are ineffective since they were created for parents rather than urban Indians, and they match people based on outmoded, outdated criteria like religion and caste/community.”

It’s evident that daters want to find love on their own terms. They have flatly rejected the concept of condensing oneself into a few photographs and 120 characters, as well as the location of your stars at birth and your CTC zeros. “Dating apps are now responsible for one in every three relationships in the United States, and this trend is spreading to India.” “Online dating gives people the power of choice, allowing them to connect with someone based on explicitly stated goals,” Menon adds. On OkCupid, daters must answer at least 15 questions in order to feed an algorithm that is at the heart of the service. These are connected to an individual’s beliefs, values, and oddities in order for them to discover someone who shares their views, values, and eccentricities.

Artificial Intelligence’s Role

In the present paradigm, everybody may be classified based on a set of criteria, and AI-driven algorithms will then locate the best matches.’s AI engine, for example, employs technology at five stages: registration, pre-chat, product gamification, post-chat, and machine learning to remove any biassed data. “It filters and ranks matches based on the user’s basic criteria for their partner’s age range, height, caste, religion, location, education, and pay. This is how people are matched,” Gupta adds. Users’ matches improve over time as they spend more time and engage with more people, assisting them in finding a compatible companion.

The majority of the change brought about by AI, or even basic software, is essentially an attempt to make life easier and more efficient. The most significant benefit of using this technology to identify your ideal match is that it streamlines and speeds up the process by eliminating the need to manually sift through hundreds of profiles. “AI does a lot of the legwork for you and lowers the search space dramatically,” says Shalini Singh, creator of andwemet.

Are you ready for a change?

India’s large millennial population is driving demand for services and solutions that make their lives easier. And dating is no exception. “They want dating applications that allow them to discover the ideal mate on their own terms so they can have a suitable relationship,” Menon adds. Dating apps have become a place where millennials may meet new and fascinating individuals in their search for love, with the average millennial spending much of their waking hours online.

AI is here to stay, no matter how much we reject it. When we examine the convenience it provides to other parts of our life, it appears daters are more than ready for artificial intelligence-assisted matchmaking.

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