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Among world cities, Bengaluru ranks fifth with second-largest AI talent pool!

Many aspects were considered in the list of the top 50 AI cities throughout the world, including investments, talent diversity, cost of living, and inclusion.

Bengaluru is ranked No. 5 among the top five cities in the world for Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the first four cities being in the United States. The city is one of the top 50 AI cities in the world, according to the TIDE Framework and the Harvard Business Review (HBR).

San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Seattle are the top four cities. The rating takes into account diversity and a diverse talent pool. Bengaluru also has the world’s second-largest AI talent pool and ranks fifth in diversity among AI workers, according to data from Tufts University’s Fletcher School, which was derived using a framework of indicators including talent pool, investments, diversity of talent, and the evolution of the country’s digital foundations (TIDE).

Another plus for Bengaluru is that it is one of the places on HBR’s list of AI hotspots in the developing world — these locations also have a low cost of living, which might be a significant lure for varied talent, according to the reviewers. Hyderabad, Jakarta, Lagos, Nairobi, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Sa Paolo are examples of such cities.

New Delhi (18th) and Hyderabad (19th) are among Indian cities in the worldwide ranking, while Mumbai is placed 27th in terms of AI talent diversity. The reviewers care about a diverse and inclusive pool of talent building AI because AI developers are influenced by their own world views, which shape them in their choices of applications, data sets, and algorithm training.

The reviewers feel that by combining the characteristics, firms will be able to prioritise their AI talent sourcing options by assessing the concentration, quality, and diversity of the AI talent pool in various places. Commissioner for Industrial Development and Director, Department of Industries & Commerce, Government of Karnataka, Gunjan Krishna, told TNIE that she is delighted that Bengaluru is one of the top cities in the world for AI and has the world’s second-largest AI talent pool.

“The AI landscape is ever-changing, especially in developing countries.” In terms of innovation and technology, we are paving the road for the future. She continued, “AI has emerged as a significant technology that emphasizes the quality of innovation as a critical success factor in technological competitiveness.”

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