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12 things about Vitalik Buterin that will baffle you!

Ether Investor worldwide will be amazed at some of the facts about the founder! Check it out!

Cryptocurrencies are probably familiar to people who have not invested in them. One of the most popular cryptocurrency right now is Ethereum, which was invented by a Toronto-born programmer who grew up in the city. He earned over $1 billion from developing the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

While Buterin’s billionaire status may not be a surprise, here are few things you might not know about him.

The University of Waterloo paid Vitalik Buterin to drop out.

Here are twelve things you might not have known about Toronto’s 27-year-old crypto billionaire:

1. Ethereum was created while Buterin was a teenager

It took Buterin only 19 years to develop Ethereum, a system that makes digital money readily accessible “no matter your background or location”, according to Ethereum’s website. According to CNBC, he developed his own cryptocurrency after traveling around the world and meeting bitcoin developers. His crypto is now worth $400 billion.

2. Bitcoin Magazine was co-founded by him

“Buterin and Mihai Alisie founded Bitcoin Magazine together in 2012”, according to Bitcoin Magazine’s site. The publication’s first edition did appear to focus solely on what was happening with bitcoin, but has since expanded to cover all blockchain communities and to provide expert analysis to readers.

3. Vitalik Buterin was paid USD$100,000 to drop out of university

The American-based Thiel Fellowship enabled Buterin to complete a computer science degree at the University of Waterloo.

CTV News reports that the fellowship provides USD$100,000 to 20 innovators under 20 so that they can pursue their promising ideas rather than going to postsecondary school. It meant Buterin could work on Ethereum independently. In an interview with CTV’s Canada AM, Buterin said dropping out of school “was actually scarier” than it looked, and he was worried he would be left behind if he didn’t know some things.

4. He’s the youngest billionaire in cryptocurrency in the world

Earlier this month, Forbes announced that Buterin was now the youngest bitcoin billionaire in the world. CAD$3,105.02 was the value of an Ether coin, when that article was published.

5. Originally from Russia, Buterin was raised in Toronto

Kolomna, near Moscow, is where Buterin was born in 1994. The Toronto Sun reports that he moved to Toronto when he was just six years old.

6. Cryptocurrencies were introduced to Buterin by his father

“Vitalik Buterin was introduced to bitcoin by his father Dmitry when he was 17 years old”, reports The Sun.

7. India has just received a huge donation from Buterin

Vox reports that Buterin just donated more than $1 billion to help India during its ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Shiba Inu Coin is a digital currency, however, and the donation was in this form.

8. Buterin’s net worth is impossible to calculate

Ethereum makes up the bulk of his wealth. The value of his assets was estimated at over 1.4 billion dollars as of April 2017. He may now be worth more than $200 million. Having such high fluctuations within such a short time frame is an indication of how little the global market understands cryptocurrencies.

9. Vitalik was rumored to have been killed in a car accident on 4chan in 2017

The rumor of Buterin’s death quickly gained popularity after the buzz surrounding Ethereum reached its peak. A staggering drop of 4 billion dollars in value occurred as a result. This goes to show Buterin’s importance and influence. Despite the fact that he is advancing this field cautiously every day, he has unsurpassed knowledge.

10. It was reported in April 2018 that Google attempted to hire Buterin

In a recent interview with Vitalik Buterin, Google’s hiring process became a laughingstock. Apparently, a machine learning algorithm investigated Vitalik’s GitHub and discovered he had a high score at a global Olympiad, which the HR individual was probably unaware of.

11. Buterin has been compared to some of the biggest minds in technology

The discussion has begun to place Vitalik Buterin on the same level as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk. There is an exponential increase in people investing in crypto every year. Steve Jobs opened the door to new technological advances, while Elon Musk proposes a way for sustainable and clean power to grow. Cryptocurrency was pioneered by Buterin. In addition to their shared personality cults, they are all surrounded by egos.

12. Buterin is passionate about writing

Buterin became obsessive about Bitcoin when he was 18 years old. Every time he wrote a promotional article for an internet blog, he was rewarded 5 bitcoin. In the former Bitcoin era, a bitcoin was worth $3.50. A website that was owned by the owner of the company had to close as there was not enough interest in the topic. In spite of this, Mihai Alisie contacted him later that year, as he was truly impressed with his writing. As co-founders of Bitcoin Magazine, they are among the leading names in the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency crash was not a surprise to Buterin

Cryptocurrency investors around the world have been shocked by the recent crash of crypto currencies. Vitalik Buterin is not one of them despite losing a huge part of his personal wealth during the meltdown.

CNN Business’ exclusive interview with co-creator of Ethereum, 27-year-old Tyler Winklevoss, indicates that he believes cryptocurrencies are in a bubble.
The spokesman stressed that predictions of when bubbles will pop are notoriously difficult.

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