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Twitter may be working on a premium subscription called Twitter Blue

If you are wondering, the free version of Twitter is not going away, and will never go away. Subscriptions simply enhance the available Twitter experience by adding enhanced and complementary features.

Our users say that we don’t always build features that meet their needs when it comes to power features on Twitter. Luckily, that’s going to change soon. This feedback was taken to heart, and we are working on a solution that will enable Twitter users to access features and benefits that will make the experience even more enjoyable.

If you are wondering, the free version of Twitter is not going away, and will never go away. Subscriptions simply enhance the available Twitter experience by adding enhanced and complementary features.

The first-ever Twitter subscription service, Twitter Blue

A Twitter researcher tweeted recently, that she found out how much the subscription will cost and what it’ll be called. Twitter has previously indicated that it plans to experiment with a paid subscription model for some features. “TweetBlue will be $2.99 a month and include features such as undoing tweets and bookmarks”, according to Wong. Tweets, according to Wong, appear to be tied to a tier-based subscription plan, which may mean a less-cluttered experience for the most expensive subscribers.

TweetBlue is here

Australia and Canada will get their first taste of Twitter Blue. The goal of this initial phase is to gather insight into what will make the Twitter experience more customized, more expressive, and overall more enjoyable.

Subscribing to Twitter Blue gives you access to the following features and perks:

Bookmark Folders: Do you wish your saved content was better organized? Organize Tweets with bookmark folders so that when you need them, you can find them quickly and efficiently.

Undo Tweet: Typing error? Have you forgotten to tag someone? Before launching your tweet, review and revise it. The Undo Tweet feature allows you to set a customized timer before you send the Tweet, reply, or thread on your timeline to click “Undo,” even if the timeline has already been sent. Preview your Tweet before everyone can see it, to correct mistakes easily.

Reader Mode: Getting rid of the noise in reader mode allows you to enjoy a better reading experience. You can now read all the latest content on Twitter without having to scroll down long threads; we’re making them easy to read.

Also, subscribers will have access to perks, such as the ability to customize the icons for their home screen and the colors of their Twitter app in addition to dedicated customer service.

According to feedback from Twitter community, the following initial set of features have been developed:

For a monthly subscription price of $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD, Twitter Blue subscribers enjoy these features and perks. Subscribers will receive even more benefits over time as their feedback will be heard. Keep checking back for updates as they continue, as always.

Get your Tweet on and join Twitter Blue if you’re in Australia or Canada! Keep up with the latest news on TwitterBlue by following @TwitterBlue. All ears are open.

The company declined to comment on Saturday, although Wong’s predictions are usually accurate and Twitter routinely declines to clarify them.

Recently, Twitter has released a number of new products, including a warning system for potentially offensive tweets, an improved algorithm for cropping photos to let users see “bigger” images, allowing Android users to search personal messages, and introducing a Tip Jar feature so that users can donate to creators, journalists, experts, and non-profits (although this last feature may be a privacy concern).

Twitter acquired Scroll, earlier this month

Additionally, Twitter recently acquired Scroll, a subscription service that removes advertisements from sites that take part. Twitter, along with Scroll, also announced the end of Nuzzel, an email service using Scroll that rounded up the most popular stories in users’ Twitter feed every day.

It seems that the most popular request from diehard tweeters is an ad-free experience, something it seems a premium Twitter product would have almost as much as editable tweets, as Wong observed in a subsequent tweet by Tony Haile, the former CEO of Scroll.

A tweet reported a $68 million profit on revenues of $1,04 billion for the first quarter of 2012. The number of monetizable daily active users increased by 20 percent.

It’s not known for sure when or who will be able to enjoy the premium version of Twitter.

Would you subscribe to twitter blue?

Many of us are familiar with the service known as Twitter. It has been in the news lately due to their tweet out of service on their platform. What you may not know is that they are planning on introducing a premium subscription to Twitter called Twitter Blue. This is not the first time that the platform has thought about charging for their service. However, if they do decide to move forward with this new subscription plan, what changes will it have on its users?

Twitter Blue is a premium subscription that would be available for those who want to have access to some of the new features on Twitter. The current plan for this premium subscription is not yet known, but the key points are that the subscription would provide users with faster searches, advanced profiles, and more. This blog has provided some valuable information on what Twitter Blue could entail and the impact it would have on Twitter.

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