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Ticket prices for Beeple’s NFT party are $475 for the $69 million celebration

The ticket is packaged with one drink!

NFTs are kind of weird, but here’s another twist: in November, you’ll be able to see Beeple’s 2006 collage/NFT The First 5000 Days on display for the first time. Beeple bought this piece for $69 million earlier this year. By searching for that title on Google, you can view the image for free right now, wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. Because digital images work that way, you could also display the image on your TV, display it on a projector, or print it out.

It will be the first time The First 5000 Days have been authorized for public viewing at this event. It means that Metapurse, the crypto fund headed by Metakovan, is using its one-and-only copy of the picture (or at the very least, its exclusive exhibition rights) to either temporarily display or host the image as though it were a museum exhibition.

Thus, the question is: do you think it’s cool to see the “authorized” debut of an image you can see any time you like?

It appears that at least some people think the answer is yes. The experience is similar to standing in line to purchase something at Supreme rather than ordering a knockoff, or to seeing a movie in theaters that you can just as easily watch at home. There may be some people who do not care about spending the money on that, but surely there are some. (I rarely do, except that I did go to see Pride & Prejudice at Alamo Drafthouse a couple years ago despite owning a digital copy at home. It was very good.)

What could make it more appealing to see it in person? Metapurse says its inaugural exhibition will take place on a hybrid three-story physical and digital structure. According to me, big works of art tend to be the coolest works of art, so I think this has some real potential.

It will be shown at the NFT New York City event in November, if you are interested. There will be two parts to the event, called Dreamverse New York. An exhibition of 150 artists will take place during the day, while a party at night will feature Beeple’s work.

Ticket prices start at $150 for a plain ol’ party ticket. Getting into the party will cost you at least $475 if you want a NFT ticket (of course you do). You can purchase a $30 ticket for the gallery if you only want to attend.

Written by IOI

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