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The best free AI and data science courses that were launched in 2021!

The following is a curated list of the best free AI and data science courses available in 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an ever-evolving and fast rising field in recent years. It is widely used across industries and disciplines not only to study and analyse data or uncover hidden patterns, but also to make important real-world decisions.

In 2020, the worldwide AI market was estimated to be valued $35.92 billion. According to Fortune Business Insights, between 2020 and 2028, the market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 33.6 percent, valuing the market at $360.36 billion. By 2023, India is estimated to invest $1 billion on artificial intelligence. On fact, the Indian government invested $477 million in the country’s AI ecosystem last year.

To take advantage of this potential, universities and educational institutions throughout the world have made significant expenditures to make AI research accessible to all. To meet the increased need for AI and data science expertise, Indian schools and universities have begun developing new courses.

We have compiled a list of the best 11 free AI and data science courses that have and will be available in 2021.

1. Unnati Program | Intel

Intel has created the Intel Unnati Program to provide Indian engineering students with the necessary data-centric capabilities. In addition, Intel aims to open 100 Intel Unnati Data-Centric Labs throughout technical institutes and universities over the next year, with an emphasis on research and innovation. Students will be able to efficiently mix Intel FPGA hardware and software to accelerate workloads for processor-intensive jobs through this curriculum. They will get an Intel co-branded certificate at the conclusion of the programme.

2. Machine Learning for Beginners | Microsoft x MIT

For novices, Microsoft has offered a 12-week MIT-approved machine learning course. Students will master conventional machine learning using Scikit-learn in this 26-lesson curriculum. Introduction to machine learning, its history, fairness in machine learning, methodologies for machine learning, regression, classification, clustering, NLP tasks, translation and sentiment analysis, time series forecasting, reinforcement learning, and so on are all covered in this course.

3. re/Start | AWS

Amazon Web Service (AWS) re/Start is a full-time, classroom-based skills development and training programme aimed to assist aspiring cloud professionals prepare for and connect with possible employers. Students will master the principles of AWS Cloud and will be able to create utilising Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational database capabilities. Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, and Thiruvananthapuram are among the cities where the programme is currently being held.

4. AI Search Methods for Problem Solving | IIT Madras

Prof Deepak Kehmanu of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, is teaching a 12-week AI course on the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) platform. Auditing the course is free, however taking the test costs Rs 1,000.

5. AI and Data Science Upscaling for Youth of Punjab

The Punjab Skill Development Mission and the Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar, have teamed together to offer a free AI and data science education to Punjab’s youth. The curriculum is open to students in the 12th grade who have a mathematics background and will consist of two module-based programmes: a four-week L2 programme and a twelve-week L3 programme. After completing the course, students will earn a diploma from IIT Ropar.

6. Building trusted AI products | Google

With the People + AI Research (PAIR) handbook, learners will be able to construct trustworthy and user-centered AI products after completing this coding curriculum. In addition, learners will learn about the newest updates to the second edition of the PAIR Guidebook and participate in a series of activities emphasising possibilities in the AI development process to calibrate user trust, with an emphasis on data and user-facing explainability. They will also be introduced to a larger toolset of materials and resources that are accessible.

7. Data Science: Machine Learning | Harvard x EdX

Harvard University offers a machine learning course as part of a wider Professional Certificate Program in Data Science. The course emphasises data analysis and statistics, with the goal of assisting students in developing a movie recommendation system and learning the theory behind a popular data science approach. Learners will understand the fundamentals of machine learning, how to do cross-validation to avoid overtraining, common machine learning algorithms, and the use of regularisation after completing this course. The course is expected to take eight weeks to finish if students spend two to four hours each week on it.

8. Data Science Specialisation | Coursera

The John Hopkins University offers a Data Science Specialisation course that will assist students in starting a career in data science. The course will teach students how to use R to clean, analyse, and visualise data, as well as how to navigate the data science pipeline from data gathering to publishing, perform regression analysis and inference using regression models, and manage data science projects using GitHub.

This beginner-level course takes around 11 months to finish and consists of ten units. Jeff Leek, an associate professor of biostatistics, Roger D Peng, an associate professor of biostatistics, and Brian Caffo, a professor of biostatistics, are the course instructors.

9. Data Science Foundations |’s Data Science Foundations curriculum for beginners comprises of three courses:

  • Learn about data science practitioners and receive an overview of the topic in this introduction to data science.
  • Data Science Methodology: Learn how to approach data science challenges, acquire and analyse data, construct a model, and interpret feedback once the model has been deployed.
  • Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio IDE, IBM Watson Studio, and other prominent data science and data visualisation tools are discussed.

10. Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science | MIT x EdX

Advanced programming in Python 3, the Knapsack problem, graphs and graph optimization, dynamic programming, graphing using the pylab package, probability, distributions, and statistical fallacies are all covered in MIT’s Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science course. MIT’s John Guttag, Eric Grimson, and Ana Bell have marked the course. This course should take nine weeks to finish if students devote 14 to 16 hours each week to it.

11. Data Mining course | KDNuggets

The Data Mining introduction course on KDNuggets is a one-semester basic data mining course for advanced and first-year graduate students. Dr. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Prof. Gary Parker devised the course. ML and data mining, ML and classification, regression, visualisation, summarization, and targeted marketing are among the subjects covered.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best free AI and data science courses that were launched in 2021! We know that getting started in data science can be difficult, particularly if you’re not sure where to begin. These courses are a great way to start learning about data science and machine learning. So what are you waiting for? Check all of them out.

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