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Singapore is experimenting with a ‘smart bandage’ that uses an app to check wounds!

The National University of Singapore has developed a wearable sensor that can be fitted to a transparent bandage to detect the healing process.

Researchers in Singapore have invented a smart bandage that allows patients’ chronic wounds to be monitored remotely via a smartphone app, potentially saving them trips to the doctor.

A study team at the National University of Singapore has developed a wearable sensor that can be affixed to a transparent bandage to assess healing process using data such as temperature, bacteria kind, pH, and inflammation levels.

“Traditionally, the only approach to check if a wound or ulcer is infected is to look at the wound itself, through visual inspection,” said Chwee Teck Lim, chief researcher at the university’s department of biomedical engineering.

“If the clinician wants to have further information then they will obtain the wound fluid and send to the lab for further testing,” he said.

“We’re attempting to use our smart bandage to reduce the number of hours or days to just a few minutes.”

Patients will be able to recuperate more at home using the “VeCare” technology, just visiting a doctor if necessary.

Patients with persistent venous ulcers, or leg ulcers caused by vein circulation difficulties, are being tested using the bandage.

According to Lim, data collecting on the wounds by researchers has been successful thus far, and the smart bandage might possibly be utilised for other wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers.

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