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Players can play, train, and trade their Monsters in the first ever third-person NFT game!

NFT game, with potions and battles, gives those unfamiliar with blockchains straightforward access to the Monsterverse.

Monsters Clan is the first user-controlled third-person NFT game built on blockchain, enabling users to own, acquire, produce, train, and play their monsters in fights to win and earn money. Monsters Clan allows participants to battle or trade monsters according to their game strategy.

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The nonfungible tokens (NFTs) industry has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. As the industry generates billions of dollars annually, where will it go next? 

A NFT-based game is comprised of three words. As part of this modern online gaming take, players can collect assets within the game’s ecosystem and trade them. The longer players play a game in which they are awarded tokens (and maybe NFTs) they have the chance to earn income streams. As part of the game’s crafting process, these tokens are distributed at strategic intervals.

New players, upon entering the space, are overwhelmed by the difficulty and confusion present in current games. Many of them involve the blockchain and require some background knowledge of it. Additionally, the decentralized gaming world can often appear as an “elitist club,” only accessible to those with funds. As a result, many games do not adequately reward players for their time commitment.

Players in Monsters Clan will access a new world reminiscent of the “Monsterverse,” where the platform aims to address all of these barriers.

A virtual monsters NFT game named Monsters Clan is based on the lifestyle of monsters. Users of Monsters Clan can purchase digital currencies and other virtual goods in exchange for their monsters, train them, or compete with them in different modes of battle. The Monsters Clan game is said to be “the first-ever third-person NFT play-to-earn game in the blockchain” and the “first-ever NFT fighting game allowing players to control their Monster characters in every fight.”

Exploring the “Monsterverse”

A MONS economic model for the game has been facilitated by Monsters Clan’s concept of NFT renting, among other firsts. 

Renting a digital asset works similarly to renting out a real estate property. By renting an NFT, any barriers to entry, such as having to buy an NFT to play, are removed. The team’s goal is to “give ease, fun, and features for every player who is playing Monsters clan NFT.” Renting NFTs, which have a lower cost than purchasing, will benefit both investors and gamers.

Binance’s Smart Chain and the Polygon Network provide powerful powers to the Monsters Clan fantasy world. As a first step, players may choose to purchase a monster. Additionally, players can purchase potions in the Laboratory in order to make new baby Monsters. 

In addition to providing players with additional functionality, the MONS token is also used as a currency within Monsters Clan’s economy. It has been announced that Monsters Clan plans to switch to a new method of staking. 

In the end, MONS tokens are designed to enable community members to “be a part of a thriving and self-sustaining gaming economy.”

Current developments

In addition to PVP and Tournament modes, Monsters Clan also includes a Fighting and AI Mode on top of the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain to further certify an auditable source of randomness.

Additionally, the platform has announced developments in the Q4 of 2021, including the launch of the Monsters Clan NFT Marketplace, the NFT Lottery Program, and an Alpha Release of the Monsters Clan Game, which further drives their mission forward.

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