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Over 3000 Drones in the Sky used in the fascinating Genesis Drone Show! Top Takeouts!

At the Genesis drone show in Shanghai, over 3,000 drones flew around the night sky.

At the Genesis drone show in Shanghai, over 3,000 drones flew around the night sky.

With the highest number of drones floating in the air at once, Hyundai’s Genesis has broken the world record.

Three thousand and eighty-one drones lit up Shanghai’s night sky in this performance, called Genesis of Genesis. In spite of the fact that it was a publicity stunt for the automobile company, the show nevertheless became the largest group of drones flown simultaneously in the highest altitude, previously held by China’s Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology in September last year. The new record undercuts the Russian performance with 2,200 drones, and Intel’s performance over Folsom, California with 2,066 drones in July 2018 is now tied for third.

Markus Henne, CEO of Genesis, says the Genesis promise is about doing things differently. We were thrilled to be the first Genesis event ever to take place in China, and to share our work with audiences. Our brand’s story and philosophy found new life for many consumers in China through this record-breaking drone performance. We will continue to provide consumers in China with more inspiring Genesis products and experiences.”

Drones taking off simultaneously set a record

Guinness Book of World Records certified the show as the most outstanding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously, receiving awe-inspiring attention from viewers on both sides of the Bund in Shanghai.

Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co. was beaten in September 2020, with 3,051 drones flying simultaneously.

As part of its drone show on March 29, Genesis displayed its logo high in the sky.

There are more and more UAVs flying simultaneously, and these numbers are destined to surpass the current record of 3,281 Genesis in no time.

China’s Genesis

This publicity stunt presented the automaker’s first-ever opportunity to engage with its audience and carry out its mission, as its Senior Vice President said in a press release.

The record-breaking drone performance enabled us to bring the Genesis brand story and philosophy to life for many Chinese consumers. We are looking forward to offering even more inspiring Genesis products and experiences in China soon.”

At a Brand Night, which was held on April 2 at Shanghai’s International Cruise Terminal, Genesis revealed its mid-sized luxury sedan, the Genesis G80, as well as its first SUV, the Genesis GV80.

“Genesis is known for its distinctive design and high quality,” Henne said on the night.

Regarding the company’s new chapter in China, he says that they are driven “by a purpose to effectively communicate with Chinese customers. This also separates us from our competition in China.”.

I’m excited to see so much drone and automotive technology on display at Genesis last week, and I’m glad to see that the company made its entry into China with a bang.


A wide array of industries and uses are currently utilizing drones.

In addition to being used to assist the military, they can also be used to promote cleanliness and the wearing of masks, or to set world records for how many drones are flying indoors simultaneously.

There’s another reason drones are becoming more popular: as a marketing tool.

To mark its entry into China, Genesis, the car company owned by Hyundai, sent out the world’s most drones simultaneously into the sky.

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