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Know how 5 Industries’ Futures Will Be Shaped by Digital Innovation!

Digital innovations now provide the foundation for a future of speedier warehouses and healthier buildings.

What are our options now?

As we consider life, work, and entrepreneurship in a hybrid world and post-pandemic period, it’s a topic that many people are definitely asking themselves, both personally and professionally.

Crucial professionals are uniting at the Honeywell Connected Forum, a virtual experience accessible to stream on-demand, to share ideas and inspiration on what the future holds and how digital innovation will play a key role across sectors.

Prepare for the future with this sneak peek at how connection will aid in the creation of a more productive and sustainable future.

1. Buildings with more functionality

Commercial real estate executives have had to face tough questions about their facilities and how they’re utilised and monitored when developing a return-to-work strategy.
However, assessing facilities – and ensuring that workers, visitors, and leaders receive the fully connected building experience they demand – is only one part of the puzzle.

Usman Shuja, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Connected Buildings, stated, “Optimizing the hybrid workplace needs accelerated investments to enable virtual collaboration and innovation, as well as scheduling and safety.”

2. Air travel that is safer

The future of flying will be about more than only safeguarding passengers and crew from harm, but also about how aviation affects the environment.

“Aviation is entering an era where safety, efficiency, and on-time performance are no longer the sole priorities,” said Bob Buddecke, president of Honeywell Aerospace Services & Connectivity.

Companies that serve airlines may innovate by adopting sophisticated avionics systems that provide a fully connected flying experience, as well as implement solutions like the usage of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), which can help the aviation sector cut carbon emissions.

3. Industrial activities that are more efficient

By 2035, we want to be carbon-neutral in our buildings and activities, as part of our commitment to the environment.

We’re not alone: many businesses, particularly those with manufacturing plants, refineries, and processors, are establishing objectives to reduce their carbon impact.

Manufacturing and processing companies may benefit from industrial-grade software since it provides them with the tools they need to gather and analyse data in order to accomplish their sustainability and productivity goals. “This is where technology can genuinely make a difference.” “Software can’t ‘turn a wrench,’ but your partner can help you boost productivity and sustainability with the proper insights,” said Stuart Morstead, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Connected Industrial.

4. Solutions for life sciences items that are based on technology

Innovation is critical to the life sciences industry’s future success.

After all, it was innovation that brought COVID-19 vaccines to market in a safe and effective manner.

Life sciences companies can track and monitor product quality and examine data at every step of the supply chain, from product creation to distribution, thanks to digital innovation like Sparta Systems’ quality management system (QMS).

5. Warehouses that are more efficient

Manufacturers and supply chains are having difficulty keeping up with rising client demand.

Technology has the potential to help warehouses keep up with consumers’ increasing demands for quick fulfilment and delivery.

These developments vary from robots that can assist businesses with process automation to wearable technology that can assist warehouse employees with capabilities like visualisation and speech recognition to help them optimise operations.

Want to learn more about how digital transformation may help your business? Use the comment section and let us know. We’ll post more for you.

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