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Here are the 7 best artificial intelligence companies currently hiring in India

Several artificial intelligence companies are currently hiring artificial intelligence professionals to add to their teams since artificial intelligence is high in demand at present.

We have some great news for those of you who are seeking a new and exciting job. Several artificial intelligence companies are currently hiring artificial intelligence professionals to add to their teams since artificial intelligence is high in demand at present.

Right now, these are the top AI companies hiring in India.

1. Google

In addition to its search engine and software, Google offers a wide range of Internet services and products, including online advertising technologies and cloud computing. California, United States, was the location of the company’s foundation in 1998. The engineers at Google are developing technologies that ensure billions of people can connect and interact with one another as well as explore information online. Software engineers and machine learners are needed by this artificial intelligence company in India.

2. Apple

In addition to consumer electronics and online services, Apple is also an expert in computer software. The company is the largest by revenue based on technology and revenue in the world. Artificial intelligence companies like Apple are hiring artificial intelligence annotation team leaders, machine learning engineers, and many other positions related to artificial intelligence.

3. Accenture

The multinational company Accenture is headquartered in Ireland and provides professional services and consulting to clients. The focus of growth in today’s business environment has changed from merely building value to becoming an essential element of business survival. To accomplish this, customer experiences across multiple enterprises must be delivered at speed and scale based on intelligence. One of Accenture’s services is operations, and so one of the artificial intelligence companies at the moment is hiring analysts in the stream of artificial intelligence and innovation.

4. IBM

IBM Corporation, a multinational company based in America, is looking for data scientists across several locations in India. For those seeking jobs in artificial intelligence, this is a great opportunity. It’s possible for you to assist clients of the company with analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and working together on product development. A number of artificial intelligence companies are hiring in India at the moment, including IBM.

5. Microsoft

Its products include computer hardware and software, as well as consumer electronics and related services. A deep learning engineer with experience in algorithms for computer vision is needed by the Azure Automated ML team. Several open positions in cloud solution architects are being advertised in the stream of artificial intelligence at the company. Using the AI platforms for creating, operating, and managing machine learning workflows, you can create software that enables anyone to become an ML model creator using Microsoft’s Azure team. In addition to Microsoft, several companies are hiring in India to work in artificial intelligence.

6. Baker Hughes

One of the largest oil field services organizations in the world is Baker Hughes Company, an American international industrial services company. Baker Hughes offers drilling, completion, production, and reservoir consulting products and services to the oil and gas industry. An artificial intelligence engineer, senior artificial intelligence engineer, and machine learning engineer are sought by the company. Baker Hughes is one of the companies hiring right now in India for artificial intelligence.

7. PepsiCo

Listed as the world’s largest bottler of Pepsi-Cola products, Pepsi Bottling Group Inc opened its doors in 1970. Founded in 1999 in the United States, the company operates globally. The company is looking for an associate manager for artificial intelligence and a lead engineer for machine learning. A good number of vacancies exist in the artificial intelligence stream.

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