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Chandrayaan-2 completes two years in lunar orbit, ISRO releases data

According to ISRO, eight payloads on Chandrayaan-2 are conducting lunar science observations using remote sensing and on-board instruments.

In recognition of the completion of two years of operation of the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft around the lunar orbit, Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman K Sivan on Monday initiated a Lunar Science Workshop 2021.

According to the Bengaluru-headquartered ISRO, Mr Sivan, who is also Secretary in the Department of Space (DoS), released Chandrayaan-2 data products and science documents.

According to the website, Chandrayaan-2 is observing the Moon remotely and in situ with eight payloads.

“The science data are being made available for analysis by academia and institutes, for a greater participation to bring out more science from Chandrayaan-2 mission,” ISRO said.

On the ISRO’s Facebook page and website, the ISRO’s two-day workshop will be livestreamed to engage students, professors, and institutes in analysing Chandrayaan-2 data.

In a virtual workshop, the scientists are sharing the science results of the eight payloads.

In addition to the Chandrayaan-2 lectures, there will be discussions on the tracking, operations, and data archiving aspects of the mission.

According to the announcement, the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, and the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee will also deliver lectures on lunar science during the symposium.

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