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XRP Ledger will Promote NFT Solutions with $2 Million Grant from RippleX!

Are NFTs possible on Ripple’s blockchain? That’s just crazy, wouldn’t you say! For developers creating NFT solutions for the XRPL, RippleX offered grants totaling over $2 Million.

Despite being unloved by many in the crypto-verse, Ripple’s perseverance and desire to keep growing despite setbacks deserves recognition. With its first round of XRPL grants, RippleX, Ripple’s branch, is taking advantage of the growing mania surrounding NFT.

RippleX distributed $2 million between 25 chosen applicants from ten different countries, according to a recent announcement.

For Ripple’s XRP Army, NFTs are the new battlefield.

In the application, open-source project development was primarily centered on XRP Ledger or XRPL transactions and NFTs.

Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL) is an evolution of XRP ecosystem and encompasses everything we consider to be part of XRP. By 2019, Ripple had gathered more than 200 customers through the merger of its former products, xRapid, xCurrent, and xVia, now known as RippleNet.

It seems that developers are looking for ways to eke the most out of Ripple and adapt it to the new times, even though Ripple has long been focused on being a fast and cheap payment network. NFTs are, regardless of their popularity, an unusual use case for XRP.

According to RippleX, the company received more than 100 proposals, the most interesting of which focused on the following:

  • Multiple industries (retail, art, music, sports, digital advertising, and carbon capture).
  • Building on and using XRPL’s learning platform could be a great opportunity for XRPL
  • Data Visualization Solutions
  • Payment and security solutions

Supporting NFTs would significantly expand XRPL’s user base, allowing it to serve certain enterprise customers in strategic areas such as identity digitization, advertising models, supply chain management, etc.

The Chosen Projects

Listed below are the chosen projects. Various amounts of money were awarded to each project:

Aquarelle: A metaverse will be built using the XRP Ledger. A web-based NFT marketplace will be developed along with a WebGL 3D virtual gallery to showcase and interact with NFTs as part of the open-source project.

Aquarelle is a content creator platform based in Australia, with a major focus on India.

Anchain.AI – CISO™ Integration for the XRPL: XRPL: Anchain.AI – CISOTM Integration for the XRPL: The goal of this project is to develop artificial intelligence in cybersecurity to be used by governments for compliance. The company is based in the United States.

Bithompt: An explorer and toolkit for XRPL that will work with NFTs. Located in Sweeden, Bithompt is a gaming company.

CarbonLand Trust ESG NFTs = CO2 Bonds + Forest Conservation: A project to create future rights to carbon credits that would be in a form of a NFT. United States-based company.

Clever.Gallery: The NFT explorer and gallery, with an NFT gallery. US-based company.

CryptoIso20022 Interop: The company automates the conversion of fiat payments to cryptocurrencies. It is a Swiss company.

Cryptum / Blockforce: The purpose of this project is to develop a platform to integrate the XRP Ledger with apps. Brazil is the location of the company.

DART: A platform for digital art compatible with Ripple’s NFT. XRP tokens are also used as a payment method when transactions take place. Located in Sweden.

Galaxy: A platform for advertising built using XRPL. It is located in the United Kingdom.

Go4Zerps: A Golang module that helps you create XRP-based applications. A British company owns it.

Ledger City: A platform for displaying 3D content on the XRP Ledger. The company is based in the United States.

Ledger: One of the initiatives that aims to develop a tool that allows users to analyze XRP Ledger data for use in risk management, research, and compliance. Located in the Netherlands.

NFT Terrace: An XRPL platform designed to offer football clubs the opportunity to create NFTs. UK-based company.

Audiotarky: A platform for streaming music using XRP. Revenues will be distributed through NFTs. The company is based in the UK.

Peerkat: XRP Ledger-based NFT platform Peerkat. The company is based in the UK.

Skratch2Hooks: A smart contract platform developed by the University of Luxembourg. Located in Luxembourg.

Trustline: Using Flare, Trustline transfers products from one blockchain to another. The company is located in the United States. An NFT market. Swiss-based company.

Xchange Retail Payments: RPC gateway for DEX and XRP. The company is based in the UK.

xPay: Provides the ability to send crypto via iMessage. US-based company.

Node-RED: Software for prototyping XRPL solutions. UK-based

XRPL Rosetta: An XRPL explorer. Located in Chile.

XRP Wallet Tools: The XRP Wallet Tools is a WebApp that allows users to create NFTs using XRPL. Philippine island.

ZerpCraft: Allows you to create NFTs in Minecraft to represent real estate. Located in the USA

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