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The Ertha: A dynamic new NFT system on Binance’s Smart Chain!

Ertha will have a number of characteristics that will make it detail-oriented, allowing player decisions to have a dynamic metaverse impact.

Ertha is a new peer-to-peer (P2P) game with a unique storyline that is launched on the Binance smart chain. The game will have a realistic life simulation on a large scale, allowing users to micromanage their businesses and countries in a gratifying and rewarding way.

To advance and control other players in the new metaverse, players will need to examine their economic, infrastructure, and military growth.

Ertha will have a number of characteristics that will make it detail-oriented, allowing player decisions to have a dynamic metaverse impact.

The game straddles the MMORPG and strategy genres, and its vast content harkens back to older games. ERTHA is a game currency and a token. This token will be used to reward players, and it can be obtained through a variety of revenue streams.

3 Never-Before-Seen Features in an NFT Game

  • The world is divided into HEX plots, where players can carve out their own country in a real-world place.

The earth is divided into 350,000 HEX plots, and players must choose which plots they want to build on from a physical place on the planet. NFTs are HEX plots, and they will be available for purchase.

  • There are a variety of courses to choose, each with its own set of advancements to help the player become a powerful force in the game.

The game will accommodate many play styles, whether you wish to fight your way to dominance or take a more delicate approach. Your society will be made up of entrepreneurs who will help you grow your business, academics who will assist you in developing new technology, and fighters who will wage wars and defend your country from incoming attacks. Players will be able to grow their country at their own speed and with their own ambitions in mind.

  • The mechanics will provide a new level of realism to the player’s country control.

Ertha employs a variety of mechanics, making it the most diverse and deep NFT-based game available. Maintaining your production, managing your businesses, staying on top of the market and engaging in trade, organising your transportation routes, and managing your financial budgets are just a few of the things that set Ertha apart.

A Satisfying Metaverse

Players will be compensated in-game utilising a variety of revenue mechanics, with the goal of simulating a natural living environment in the money streams generated. NFT will collect taxes, fees, and revenues from the many activities performed on your HEX. Personal Ertha plots NFT will collect taxes, fees, and revenues from the various operations performed on your HEX. This adds depth to the game and encourages players to diversify their infrastructures and upgrades in order to maximise resource use.

NFT will generate more and more revenue as Ertha plots are held, allowing you to keep up with your competitors.

In terms of development and strategic importance, NFTs (HEXES) will keep their value; players will invest their game time in developing existing assets that they may later sell for a better price based on their location and growth.

A Comprehensive Roadmap

The game’s creators intend to add more mechanics to increase the game’s diversity and realism. These mechanisms include, but are not limited to:

  • Wars
  • Smuggling
  • Political parties & Parliament
  • Elections & Voting Systems
  • Multiplayer

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