Tesla CEO Elon Musk takes a swipe at rival automakers: “Best service is not needing service”

In contrast to other auto makers, Elon Musk says, “Tesla does not profit from its services”.

Despite remaining active on Twitter, Elon Musk recently took it upon himself to poke fun at rival automakers in his latest tweet regarding battery packs. Musk, the Tesla CEO, noted that vehicles should not need servicing for very long after they are purchased.

Musk was asked on Twitter if the lithium-ion 12 volt battery pack would be available for the current Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. As for Tesla, Musk responded, “We will try to make it last as long as possible. “. “We do not seek to profit from servicing our cars, unlike other car makers. The best service is not having to use it.”

Comparatively, electric vehicles require less maintenance than conventional vehicles. Batteries, motors, and other electronic equipment are far more efficient than many fluids used in the past due to a number of factors. As a result, not only is time saved, but the cost of owning the vehicle is also lowered.

And with Tesla setting the stage for a battery development project(s) that could potentially increase the per-charge range of an electric vehicle while also making it more affordable, the EV movement is firmly on track.

Electric vehicles could also benefit a great deal from the Li-ion 12V battery mentioned above. Compared to a standard 12V battery, it is reportedly much smaller and lighter. The advantages of these technologies could be that they are lighter, take up less space, and could potentially last longer.

While Tesla holds a commanding lead in the electric vehicle space, it is now working on improvements to its battery packs inside cars to be launched worldwide. Currently, the focus is on performance and range, but the question of affordability could also become more important in the future.

Musk open to friendly dealings with Tesla’s rival carmakers

CEO Elon Musk expressed his openness to speaking with a rival about merging Tesla with another electric carmaker on Tuesday.

Musk was asked whether he would consider buying a rival carmaker at an Axel Springer symposium in Berlin given that Tesla is worth more than $500 billion and a takeover would be easy to launch.

He reiterated that “we are absolutely not going to launch a hostile takeover. If Tesla suggested it, then we would talk about it.”

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