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Launch of XcelDeFi anounced by Pancakeswap & XcelSwap!

In recent news, decentralized exchange (DEX) XcelDefi (XLD) has announced its upcoming launch with PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and XcelSwap.

The next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX) XcelDefi (XLD) has recently announced its combined launch with PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, and XcelSwap.

It was developed by the XcelLab Ecosystem, that is supporting the debutant Defi token, XcelDefi (XLD), which prides itself on being the next generation of DeFi, “built to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystem.”.

The project portfolio includes XcelTrip, XcelPay Wallet, XcelSwap (DEX), XcelToken Plus, XcelToken Exchange and other promising projects in the decentralization and cryptocurrency industry.

Launching XcelDefi (XLD) on Binance Smart Chain will allow Xcellab Ecosystem to move beyond native Ethereum blockchain. By making cryptocurrency transactions cheaper, faster, smoother, and more secure, the move is likely to make DeFi more accessible to everyone.

More Than Just a Cryptocurrency Token

Tokens in the XcelLab ecosystem use the XcelDefi algorithm. With any token purchase, you will gain access to the largest ecosystem of the XcelLab Ecosystem that consists of successful blockchain projects like XcelTrip (Travel Booking Platform), a fully decentralized ERC20 and BEP20 wallet accessible worldwide. Unlike centralized wallets, decentralized ones offer users full control over their funds without having to worry about security or reliability.

XcelLab has also recently launched XcelSwap- a decentralized market maker – which allows for trading without intermediaries. By making use of user-fueled liquidity pools, XcelSwap supports the cryptocurrency community in trading BEP-20 tokens running on Binance Smart Chain.

The XcelSwap exchange (DEX) operates differently than centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, because it is run through an automated smart contract that is based on Binance’s Smart Chain, allowing users to keep full control over their coins and trade them at much lower fees.

Tokens called XcelDefi (XLD) represent XcelSwap’s governance. A user can utilize XcelDefi to exchange assets, stake assets, or farm yields on the platform. XcelSwap can also shape its future with the XcelDefi (XLD).

Use cases that are impressive

The entire crypto & defi sector chooses XcelDei (XLD) as its most powerful use case.

With XcelDefi, you can book hotels and flights

The XcelDefi cryptocurrency (XLD) can be used on to book over 2.3 million hotels and 450+ flights – a decentralised travel platform accounting for over half a million cryptocurrency users worldwide. XcelTrip is an online booking platform that is blockchain-friendly and was established in California in 2016.

Tokens driven by the community

Governance tokens of XcelSwap are XLD (XcelDefi). Holders of XcelDefi can vote on improvements to the XcelSwap project and submit governance proposals.

In other words, XLD is a token completely driven by the community. On XcelSwap, LP tokens are an equity token that can be staked, traded, and earned by the XLD community!

Profit from passive income

Passive income can be generated from XcelDefi through various methods on XcelSwap. Mining Liquidity and stakes on pools are two ways to earn XcelDefi. Liquidity mining programs are sponsored by XcelDefi for the benefit of the community and investors. Furthermore, participants with XcelDefi tokens are able to stake them on XcelSwap and earn XLD tokens!

Buy Gift Cards and Top Up Your Mobile Plan

You may recharge your mobile carrier service by using XcelDefi (XLAB) through XcelPay Wallet. In 190+ countries, you can use the token to top up mobile plans on 900 different service providers! Take a look at the services available in XcelPay Wallet.

Over 100k crypto wallets have been downloaded from the XcelLab Ecosystem with over 100 million members. The mobile top up feature is used by thousands of users on a daily basis.

XcelDefi: what makes it so unique?

As a result of XcelDefi, finance barriers are dismantled and liquid providers are rewarded for contributing to the liquidity pool. A blockchain-based financial technology company, XLD, is disintermediating centralized models and promoting equity.

Users of XLD have access to personal wallets and global trading services, which allow them to have more control of their money. Over 65000 tokens have been transferred with over 140,000 holders currently using the BSCN networks.

With XLD, however, users will have access to decentralized finance which explicitly serves individual users’ needs rather than serving institutions’ profit incentives.

The daily effective mintage for XcelDefi is 288,000 tokens, of which 144,000 will be burned daily, and the balance will be distributed in 75:25 between the liquidity providers and developers.

Adopt your first XcelDefi (XLD) and invest in the future of decentralized finance

With the XcelPay Wallet, storing and accessing cryptocurrencies have never been easier.

Users of the XcelPay Wallet are being given the utility token XLD. As a result, XLD spreads awareness and gives everyone the opportunity to own their first crypto. XcelPay wallet users can claim XLD.

  • Don’t miss out on XcelDefi, the next generation cryptocurrency. Buy real-time XLD with the XcelPay Wallet.
  • The XcelDefi (XLD) can be purchased for a discounted price with PancakeSwap, BakerySwap & XcelSwap.
  • Listings of XLD on major exchanges will continue regularly.

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