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Introducing the Next Gen of VR – Vive Focus 3 Series

When you hear the words “virtual reality”, you can be sure that there is a good chance that this is not your standard virtual reality headset.

When you hear the words “virtual reality”, you can be sure that there is a good chance that this is not your standard virtual reality headset. The Vive Focus 3 Series is not your average VR headset. These devices are more like a phone with a headset and offer a different perspective on how to view virtual reality.

The Vive Focus 3 Series is an amazing piece of technology, it has the features that you would expect from a new product but it’s also incredibly affordable. This revolutionary new device allows you to carry on your VR experience wherever you go. With the Vive Focus 3 Series, there are 3 devices to choose from: The Vive Focus 3 VR headset, the Vive Focus Plus Bluetooth Controller, and the Vive Focus Headstrap.

In this blog we will talk about the Next Gen of VR: Vive Focus 3

In addition to a 5K screen, HTC will offer its standalone Vive Focus 3 headset for $1,300 starting June 27

A new update to HTC’s Vive Focus standalone virtual reality headset features a 5K screen with 120 field of view, as well as a swappable battery. HTC released its Vive Focus Plus before the Vive Focus 3. It is designed specifically for business customers, using inside-out tracking instead of external sensors. A bundle of business services and tech support will be provided for the headset’s release on June 27th.

The biggest difference between the Vive Focus 3 and its predecessor is it’s display. There is one panel of 2448 pixels in each eye of the headset, with a 90Hz refresh rate, as opposed to the 2019 Vive Focus Plus, which has 1600 pixels in each eye and a 75Hz refresh rate. This is a vast improvement over first-generation VR headsets from just a few years ago, and would make the Focus Plus a better match for the Oculus Quest 2. ( Vive Focus 2 – HTC retroactively gives the Focus Plus that title.)

The battery is supposed to be replenished by 50% after two hours, according to HTC.

Moreover, Focus 3’s field of view is 120 degrees, up from 110 degrees of Focus Plus. With the Focus 3, there’s a swappable battery attached to the back of the headset, so it’s more balanced than the Focus Plus. With a 30-minute charge, HTC promises to restore 50 percent of the battery life after two hours. In place of the Focus Plus’ Snapdragon 835, it uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 chip which is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865.

In addition to the back-mounted battery and a newly designed strap, HTC also says the Vive Focus 3 will be more comfortable than its predecessor. Built-in speakers are used in both systems. The new HTC Omni VR headset features an audio privacy setting that reduces how much sound others can hear around you – a problem for VR headsets.

HTC is not interested in pursuing VIVE FOCUS 3 for now – but the headset could become a QUEST 2 competitor

A lot of resemblances can be drawn between Vive Focus 3 and last year’s Oculus Quest 2 for consumer use. Additionally, the Quest 2 is a standalone VR headset powered by the XR2 platform. While HTC’s initial controllers used trackpads, it’s now going for something that mimics the Oculus Touch controller. On each controller, there is an analog stick in Touch-style, two triggers, two lettered buttons, and one home or menu button. The Quest 2 also supports hand tracking, which is expected to arrive in the near future.

With the Vive Focus 3 and it’s Vive Business Streaming, users will be able to wirelessly play PC games on their heads using the same streaming system that was built into the Vive Focus Plus and the Oculus Quest 2. (Wireless streaming will be added later, HTC adds.)

In terms of headsets, Vive Focus 3 surpasses Quest 2.

In addition to its pixel-density screen and replaceable battery, HTC Vive general manager Dan O’Brien describes the Vive Focus 3 as “a more advanced headset than the Quest 2”. The Quest 2 all-in-one headset is one of the few headsets that compete directly with it. Like Facebook, HTC doesn’t use social media for authentication – the infamous Oculus Quest 2 feature that some VR fans claim is a deal breaker.

Consumers are being discouraged from purchasing HTC headsets. Viveport, HTC’s consumer-oriented games store, is still available, and O’Brien says some gamers are likely to purchase the recently announced HTC Vive Pro 2. A number of experts in simulation training, medical companies, and carmakers provided input to the development of the Vive Focus 3. HTC provides services like Vive Sync and it’s free six-month trial of Vive Sync instead of consumer media or fitness apps.

Despite what some experts believe, HTC is still involved in the consumer market

According to O’Brien, business hardware is more sustainable than consumer hardware right now – mainly because of price expectations. According to him, “consumers are increasingly attracted to artificially subsidized price points that only one company has any tolerance for”. Facebook sells the Oculus Quest 2 for just $299, about a quarter the cost of HTC’s Vive Focus 3.

As a for-profit company, O’Brien says, we would have to make the active decision to lose money for the foreseeable future, then fill the gap with software sales or an advertising model like Facebook. “It’s a very different business model and market from enterprise and professional where we bring real value and solutions.” Competitors, such as Varjo, have taken a similar approach, experimenting with innovative display systems and augmented reality features, by targeting businesses exclusively.

Nevertheless, HTC is still looking into ways to advance Vive Cosmos, the consumer-friendly gaming platform aimed at consumers. “It’s still too early to tell the consumer story of HTC, but that’ll come in time”, says O’Brien. That doesn’t include the Vive Focus 3 – at least not yet.

A new generation of VR

As virtual reality technology advances, we will be able to experience more advanced forms of immersion. These advancements have the potential to help our children and adults alike live healthier, more fulfilling lives. The time has come for a new generation of VR hardware that goes beyond immersive games and into a world of medical applications and other uses. The Vive Focus 3 Series is latest in VR technology.

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