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Halo Infinite’s free multiplayer features: everything we know!

Halo 2 weapon pods, million of armor customizations, and much more.

Today, 343 Industries gives us even more details about how the weapons, armor, and sandbox experience will work in Halo Infinite . Yesterday we got our first glimpse of the multiplayer mode, and now we get confirmation on how the free sandbox experience will work. The free multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite will be available on multiple platforms using crossplay and cross progression next year on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

A battle pass will also be included in the free multiplayer mode, that won’t expire after you purchase it. As far as price is concerned, we do not know, but Halo Infinite players can purchase old season passes and focus their progression toward the battle passes they are interested in.

Armor, weapons, and vehicles are heavily customized by 343 Industries, with no random loot in any loot boxes. The Halo Infinite battle pass reportedly provides armor, among other things, and players can earn customizations that even include customizing a character’s voice or adding prosthetics.


“There will be millions of customization combinations for Spartans on the battlefield,” explains Ryan Paradis, a live design director at 343 Industries. All the typical armor pieces like your shoulder pads, gloves, kneepads, helmet, and visor can be customized with different paints, emblems, and effects.

A variety of customization options will also be available for weapons, in addition to vehicle customization. The Halo Waypoint website and Halo Waypoint mobile apps will allow users to customise each item online.

Playing the game unlocks a lot of customizations, but you can only unlock them through that. There are none of the customizations that are functional, and there are new looks that players can collect each season. 343 Industries has yet to announce how different armor sets will differ in power.


In addition to the assault rifle, battle rifle, gravity hammer, plasma pistol, and sticky plasma grenades, the classic Halo weapons are returning. There will be a number of heavy weapons displayed, including one that is capable of taking out vehicles. The 343 Industries company won’t support dual-wielding at launch, but it’s not out of the question.

Halo Infinite combat mechanics were revealed by 343 Industries. There are new equipment additions in Halo Infinite, such as the grappling hook, which can be used to perform tactical play and combine with other items to fulfill objectives. As an alternative to moving quickly around a map with the grappling hook, you can pick up weapons and throwable objects with it as well. In addition to your overshield, other players are able to pick them up and use them, instead of instantly using them.


As you can see, Halo Infinite has a strong emphasis on vehicles. Razorbacks, a new vehicle designed to look like a cousin of the classic Warthog, can carry extra weapons at the rear. In Halo Infinite, the Warthog will be among several vehicles that will be delivered via Pelicans rather than spawn at bases. In battle, weapon pods drop for resupply just like the ones from Halo 2.

There is, however, a risk associated with driving. Vehicles can catch fire after a certain damage threshold, and Warthogs’ wheels can blow off from damage. This means you should ditch your vehicle with caution at the right time.

Academy and Training

To help players get used to the look, feel, and terminology of Halo, the game even has an academy mode. There are bots in Halo Infinite that can be used as training partners and in a separate training area.

We’ve seen trailers showing different environments in this area. While the number of maps in Halo Infinite is not clear yet, we have seen both outdoor and indoor maps that can accommodate close combat or distance combat, and which make use of vehicles.

Several features will be included at launch for those playing Halo Infinite on PC and Xbox. In Arena mode, Xbox Series X users will be able to play at up to 120 frames per second. On the PC, on the other hand, ultrawide monitors will be supported, as will triple keybinds and advanced graphics options.

In addition to input-based matchmaking for ranked parts of the game, 343 Industries hasn’t gone into depth about how it will balance crossplay controllers vs. computers. Moreover, the studio has committed to implementing a server-side anti-cheat system that can identify hackers by the way they behave within the game.

The Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC versions of Halo Infinite will launch in the fall. Halo Waypoint has an opportunity for you to sign up for a “technical preview” later this summer.

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