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You can’t miss these 13 innovative products you weren’t aware of.

The mother of innovation is need. A few amazing products convey the language of creativity and innovation.

Those who say that “necessity is the mother of invention” have compiled this list of practical inventions. The small things in life can be made easier with these innovative products.

The mother of invention is need. The law of necessity always comes to the rescue and solves a problem. A few amazing products convey the language of creativity and innovation. From the kitchen to the boardroom, life is made easier with these 13 inventive devices.

1. Rainy pots

Those responsible for this innovative gardening gadget are South Korean designer Jeong Sonpin and Dailylife lab. Plants receive the amount of water needed for optimal health when rainy Pot waters them. International Competition Spark Award for this suspension system was bestowed in 2013.There is no deprivation with this simple system: an attractive colored pot comes with a cloud-shaped hanging dispenser. The small holes in the cloud allow water to slowly drip down through it instead of filling it too fast nor drying it out too excessively. Stunning design allows us to view clouds and raindrops right inside our apartments, inspiring us to connect with our surroundings.

2. Strong magnetic holder wristband

Small screws have a reputation for being difficult to grip. Assume you’re tasked with repairing screws in an attic. It’s remarkable how many things can go wrong with such a simple procedure, such as screws slipping out of your hands. While driving one screw, you may require assistance in holding the other screws. However, with this unique device, you may hold the screws in place with a bracelet. Take a look at the graphic below for a better understanding. This tool makes it very easy to hold the screws. The screws are held in place by an extremely strong magnet hidden inside the bracelet. Put this adjustable bracelet around your wrist the next time you’re working on a DIY project to get a stronger grip on your nails and other little items.

3. Magic clean – A jelly cloth to clean hard places

A jelly cloth makes cleaning the tougher spots a lot simpler. This jelly cloth, designed by Guangzhou Clean & Simple Cleaning Products (a cleaning product manufacturer), can readily reach small gaps in the keyboard, calculators, computers, laptops, car vents, and other places. All you have to do is place it on the device that needs to be cleaned and remove it. This recyclable material readily eliminates dust, hairs, and food that collects in the small crevices due to Its structure. This product is also eco-friendly and simple to maintain.

4. Flashtorch mini

A slogan “Why light up when you can incinerate?” is included in the world’s smallest Tank. This torch can produce a really high white light of 2300 lumens. Not only can this light take you home, it can start a fire, or sprinkle an egg. In the toughest environment, it can survive. The maximum lifetime of the highly reliable and rechargeable halogen lamp, with other special characteristics, such as three power selection modes and automated lockout mode, is 1000 hours to avoid inadvertent usage. The lightweight flash torch includes a 1-year warranty.

5. Tactical lazer

For all those who eat and cook pizza on a regular basis, a pizza is well-served. Every slice must be sliced correctly, yet straight lines can be tough occasionally. An unbelievable laser pointing pointer and spotlight are provided with this instrument. It is not safe, however. It is not safe. Press the trigger and follow a line, which helps you to cut straight slices, which is the Tactical Laser guided Pizza Cutters through your pizza. You can choose either a lamp, laser pointer or laser pointer and flashlight mode (for those all-too-often moments when you have to slice pizza in total darkness…).

6. Basketball mug

This cup is for you, basketball fans. You can drink or eat soup with it. It is possible. It has been established by a 9-year-old dyslexic boy named Max, who has been amazingly helping children with limited chances to play. He has various more patents as well. The cup is equipped with basketball as an addition to the pole, which lets you throw sugar cubes for coffee, soup crackers, hot chocolate marshmallows. This excellent grade dishwashing porcelain cup has a capacity of 350 ml.

7. Grinder butter presto

The Grinder Butter Presto can effortlessly grate hard or cooled butter. Designed under the Moha brand. This grinder won’t simply work butter, but also garlic. The design has the gate piston and a deck that prevents loss of aroma and taste. It also functions as an unused butter storage jar. The grinder is manufactured from stainless steel and plastic, making cleaning easier.

8. Modo bag

Let your baggage carry you around the next time you travel instead of carrying your suitcase. The Modobag is the first powered, intelligent and connected carrying system in the world to make your journey three times quicker than on foot. Kevin O’Donnell, a Chicago entrepreneur, designed this new invention with a view to moving children on his bag at the airport. This unique product was produced.

This revolutionary bag has 2000 cubic inches of packing space and can hold riders weighing up to 260 pounds. The Telescoping Handlebar may be used to throttle, brake, and steer, just like a bike. Memory foam cushion seat, crush proof 17″ laptop sleeve, quick charging (80% charge in 15 minutes, full charge in one hour), and optional GPRS-GSM monitoring are all included in the rechargeable backpack. This backpack can travel up to 6 miles at an average speed of 8 miles per hour on a single charge.

9. Bio fire place

In recent years, it has become rare to find a modern apartment with a traditional wood-burning fireplace. As a result, many individuals choose electric fireplaces. You can use this device to run small, comfortable fires anyplace in the house, even if you don’t have a chimney. Bio fireplaces get their name from the fact that they burn an environmentally beneficial fuel called ethanol, which is made from sawdust. This odorless and smokeless spirit lamp is made of stainless steel or ceramic. It’s completely safe, just like a wax candle.

10.Taga bike stroller

This item allows you to create lasting memories with your youngster. Taga blends the pleasure of a bike with the functionality of a quality stroller, and is inspired by the Dutch cargo bike (baskets) movement. Enjoy the voyage with your infant, who is snuggled between your arms and facing forward. Taga’s 3-wheel cargo bike allows you to easily balance and ride in the park or on the path. You may also easily switch to stroller mode, which allows you to go shopping, board trains, and enter elevators. Taga may also be folded to fit into practically any automobile trunk. The stroller’s modular design and accessories allow you to use it with babies, two children at once, groceries, and your child up to the age of ten.

11. PlanOn slim scan and RMS

Through the software, you may scan anything and maintain your receipts for simple reimbursement. The PlanOn SlimScan SS100 is the first credit card-sized portable scanner on the market. A high-resolution colour scanner that fits comfortably in your palm, pocket, or wallet. You can scan photographs, receipts, and photos into various folders with this stainless steel scanner. You can also transfer files by connecting to a computer. A rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery is included with the scanner. To expedite expenditure reimbursements and tax record keeping, the PlanOn RMS programme allows you to scan all of your receipts into monthly directories, import, and compile them into reports.You can also use Outlook, Microsoft Word, or Excel spreadsheets to import the contact information.

12. Mini mobile robotic printer

When you have a portable printer in your hands, there’s no need to look for a printing station. Yes! Printing is now rapid and simple thanks to advances in technology. This mobile printer, designed by Israeli firm ZUta Labs, is simple and enjoyable to use, and it can be brought anywhere to print from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) onto any sized paper. This wireless grayscale printer has an on/off button and a rechargeable battery that lasts one hour on a full charge of three hours.

The inkjet which lasts for over 1.000 printed pages is activated by sliding a hatches on the bottom of the printer. The printer is based on an omnivore system that enables it to rotate and drive in all directions correctly. The polycarbonate printer is supported on Android, IOS, Linux, OSX and, and, Windows in two colours, black in Mars and titanium white. Print any material immediately from the mobile phone with the mobile connected world today.

13. Quick safe

QuickSafe is a secret room using RFID technology to turn a stool into a strongbox. Instead of standard magnet locks, RFID locks have a single key that cannot be hacked. This attractive furniture is great for secretion and direct access to materials of major importance. The QuickShelf spring loaded hinges are adjustable from 30 deg to 90 deg at any required angle. The locking system has other characteristics such as LEDs, RFID detection and low battery modes. This product comes in different designs, including QuickVent, QuickVent PLUS, QuickShelf and QuickShot as well as DIY QuickLock. The Accords Pack contains 4 RFID keys, installing hardware, instruction manual, and a backup battery (2 Cards, 1 Key FOB, 1 Token).

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