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Are you diabetic? If yes, then avoid these 6 mistakes to keep your blood sugar in control.

Diabetes sufferers should concentrate on the four main aspects of good health – a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, good sleep, and emotional detoxification.

Diabetes can be controlled by simple dietary and lifestyle changes. It helps prevent the complications associated with diabetes by maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. Diabetes is further compounded by factors like stress, sedentary lifestyles, poor food choices and poor sleep patterns. “Diabetes is a lifestyle disease! While a poor lifestyle and dietary habits can lead to type-2 diabetes, a balanced diet and an improved lifestyle can play a huge role in managing it,” Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach mentions in one of his recent posts.

“Move your focus from just suppressing your symptoms to addressing the root cause. Understand that diabetes isn’t just about sugar. It starts at the pancreatic level. So, focus on the health of your pancreas,” he adds and urges diabetic patients to work on the four pillars of health — balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional detoxification.

Diabetes management: Avoid these 6 blunders if you want to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

  • A sedentary way of life : Several health risks include weight gain and excessive blood sugar levels are associated with a sedentary lifestyle. An active lifestyle is not only healthy for blood sugar, but can contribute to the optimization of health. Gradually develop a workout routine. Do not undertake a hard workout during the first day since blood glucose may suddenly decrease.
  • Low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet : Like other nutrients, fats should be an important component of your daily diet. Many eliminate fats, especially healthy ones, from their diets totally, “Arrest demonization of fats. The guilty person is the false fat and too much. The health of the heart and diabetes, good nut fats, seeds and pure oils contribute” Coutinho said.
  • Long gap between meals : Try minimizing the gap between meals if you are a diabetic. Great gaps in foods can increase your food consumption at your next meal leading to blood sugar variations. Health experts often recommend that food should be kept modest and frequent. To fill gaps between meals, select healthful snacks.
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  • Too much or too little fruit : Fruits contain natural sugar, therefore it’s a frequent myth that diabetics can’t consume them. You should not fully avoid it or drink excessive amounts of it. When you have diabetes, you should eat fruits in moderation. To avoid too much fructose, Coutinho recommends eating fruits throughout the day. Slow down and eat thoroughly.
  • Stress without control : Stress is dangerous more than you believe. It can alter your hormones, your emotional and physical wellbeing. Chronic stress is also damaging to diabetes patients. Stress can boost blood sugar levels and influence your heart’s health, according to studies.
  • Bad cycle of sleep : Aside from giving relaxation, sleep regulates a variety of biological activities. According to Coutinho, the majority of your hormonal balance occurs while you are sleeping. Insulin is a hormone, after all! As a result, maintaining a healthy sleep pattern is critical.

Health suggestion

To reduce blood sugar levels, the health expert also suggested using a few herbs in your diabetes diet. Cinnamon, fenugreek, turmeric, curry leaves, oregano, and aloe vera are among them. Before including these foods into your diet, consult your doctor.

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