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What Should You Expect From The ‘Samsung AI Forum 2021’?

Various themes will run throughout the two-day event. Dr Kinam Kim, Samsung Electronics’ Vice-Chairman and CEO of Device Solutions, will provide the introductory comments.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the intelligence displayed by computers. In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence has become highly popular. It is the replication of human intelligence in computers that have been programmed to learn and replicate human activities. These computers can learn from their mistakes and do human-like jobs. Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a significant influence on our quality of life as it develops. It’s only natural that everyone nowadays wants to engage with AI technology in some way, whether as a consumer or as a professional in the field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): An Overview

What is Artificial Intelligence? The quick answer is that it depends on who you ask.

A layperson with only a rudimentary grasp of technology might associate it with robots. Artificial Intelligence, they believe, is a terminator-like figure that can act and think for itself.
If you ask an AI researcher what artificial intelligence is, he or she will tell you that it is a set of algorithms that can create outcomes without being explicitly directed to do so. And they’d all be correct. To summarise, the meaning of Artificial Intelligence is:

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

  • Humans have created an intelligent creature.
  • Capable of intelligently doing things without being explicitly directed.
  • Capable of sensible and humanitarian thought and action.

‘Samsung AI Forum 2021’

The event will begin with a keynote talk by Professor Yoshua Bengio, the 2018 Turing Award laureate, on “GFlowNets for Scientific Discovery.”

The Samsung AI Forum (SAIF) 2021, a platform that brings together world-renowned industry leaders and academics on artificial intelligence for the fifth year, is just around the corner. The conference will be a venue for exchanging ideas, insights, and the latest research discoveries, as well as a discussion about AI’s future.

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The two-day virtual forum will be held on November 1-2, 2021, and will be broadcast on YouTube. Professor Yoshua Bengio, winner of the 2018 Turing Award (also known as the Nobel Prize in computing), will give a keynote lecture on “GFlowNets for Scientific Discovery” during the event. Three technological seminars will follow the keynote speaker, including Scalable and Sustainable AI Computing, Trustworthy Computer Vision, and AI for Scientific Discovery.

What to look out for?

Various themes will run throughout the two-day event. Dr Kinam Kim, Samsung Electronics’ Vice-Chairman and CEO of Device Solutions, will provide the introductory comments.

Day 1, AI Research for Tomorrow: Under the topic “AI Research for Tomorrow,” renowned AI experts will discuss various AI technologies and comment on the research direction in AI — from fundamental research to applications — as well as how AI research will affect other sectors such as new material development and semiconductors. At this year’s session, several AI businesses will offer an overview of current advancements in cutting-edge AI technology as well as their practical commercial application models. Furthermore, at the forum, SAIT’s AI research leaders will speak and outline the current condition and future direction of Samsung’s AI research.

Last year, Samsung AI developed the Researcher of the Year Awards to recognise and reward emerging artificial intelligence researchers. “This year’s event will serve as a platform for exchanging current AI technology research and AI applications, as well as exploring strategies to develop AI into a technology that significantly contributes to our daily lives,” stated Professor Bengio.

The following is the schedule for the event:

Kinam Kim, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, gives the opening remarks.

Yoshua Bengio of the University of Montreal gave the keynote address “GFlowNets for Scientific Discovery.”

Session 1: Scalable and Long-Term AI Computing

  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology’s Corporate SVP Changkyu Choi
  • Stanford University’s Kunle Olukotun
  • Cerebras Systems’ Founder & CEO, Andrew Feldman

Session 2: Artificial Intelligence for Scientific Discovery

  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology’s Corporate Vice President, Young Sang Choi
  • Gerbrand Ceder is a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Citrine Informatics’ Founder and CSO, Bryce Meredig

Session 3: Computer Vision That Can Be Trusted

  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology’s Vice President of Technology, Jae-Joon Han
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Antonio Torralba
  • VP of LandingAI, Daniel Bibireata

Researcher of the Year in Artificial Intelligence

Discussion with a Panel

Day 2, AI in a Human World: AI in a Human World, which will be hosted by Samsung Research, the company’s advanced R&D centre that handles the development of future technologies for its Consumer Electronics and IT & Mobile Communications divisions. The keynote address will be given by Dr. Sebastian Seung, President and Head of Samsung Research, after which AI experts who have been actively involved in AI research activities around the world will share their perspectives on the current state of AI and future research directions that will have a significant impact on our lives will share their perspectives on the current state of AI and future research directions that will have a significant impact on our lives.

Professor Leslie Valiant of Harvard University, who won the 2010 Turing Award, will present the keynote on combining machine learning and inference for next-generation AI, much as she did on the first day. Following that, Been Kim, Research Scientist at Google Brain, will present Interpretability for Skeptical Minds, and Professor Max Welling, Amsterdam University and Lab Head of Microsoft Research Amsterdam, will present Understanding Matter with Deep Learning.

Those interested in attending can register on the Samsung AI Forum’s website here until the day of the event. Those who do so will get access to the SAIF schedule and will be able to submit questions to the experts prior to the start of the event.

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